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News |  22 Oct 2020 12:35 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Love always finds its way back home: Jasleen Royal in 'Sang Rahiyo'

MUMBAI: Jasleen Royal released a love song “Sang Rahiyo” collaboration with Ujjwal Kashyap featuring Jasleen Royal and Ranveer Allahbadia, written by Neeraj Rajawat.

“Love always finds its way back home, as long as we have the courage to love. Two people in a relationship growing in love and in life. If you’re in love you ultimately just grow together with the other person because you can be yourself and be accepted even with all the weirdness”, said the singer excited about the release.

“Sang Rahiyo” music video has crossed upto 10 Million views on YouTube, “It’s great!”, exclaimed Jasleen. It is an independent release and the kind of responses she’s getting is amazing, shared the artist. It is played everywhere, which motivates her to do more and with all the feedback she got, she feels that she has done something right.

Watch here:

Whatever she finds honest she creates/makes that and tries to be really honest with her feelings with it. A lot of people tell her that they find her songs healing, suiting and beautiful, however she feels when she’s composing, she hopes it translates the listeners mind.

Further talking about her future endeavours, “I’ve been really busy working, two new projects are on the way so my hands are full. And I’m very grateful to that because it’s a tough time, so I hope I can make new music for the people to listen to it and find some relief. There’s an international collaboration, with another single on the line”.

While our lives have been recently stripped to the minimum by a virus the singer learned how to play an instrument called Accordion, which she always wanted to but she never got the time. She also cooked in the beginning of the lockdown along with the whole world. She baked cookies, pastas and many more, never realised cooking will be fun and interesting.

Jasleen concludes, “If you haven’t heard “Sang Rahiyo”, please go to my YouTube channel or listen to it on a music app, and let me know how you feel about it. Thank you so much for the love you have shown to the song”.