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News |  24 Sep 2020 19:41 |  By RnMTeam

BTS upcoming comeback theme new song 'Life goes on'

MUMBAI: BTS will be having a hectic few months ahead of them as they're not only busy with the promotions of their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single Dynamite but they're also gearing up for the next comeback as their next album will release in the fourth quarter of 2020. The highlight of the upcoming album is each member's active involvement in every aspect of making it.

As the visual producer, V took the lead during a recent OT7 Live on YouTube as the members spoke over lunch, conceptualising a music video for one of the album songs with the theme: Life goes on. The septet asked Jungkook if he was willing to shoot it like his G.C.F videos to give it a personal touch and as to not overburden him too much, someone else can edit it. Kookie agreed as he's always had the desire to shoot a BTS music video.

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While the members pitched one idea after another, Taehyung summed up the session while taking down notes to hand over to the company. "First, we film ourselves working and performing without fans in the online concert. And, our life at home, which everyone can relate to. Third, we will film ourselves playing soccer and having BBQ like In the SOOP BTS ver. All the outdoor activities people miss. Reminiscing our ordinary life, the days when there was no coronavirus," TaeTae shared.

RM pondered that it would be great to "juxtapose the beautiful with the realistic." as "combining the ideal and reality would be great."

"Tell the company we want to alternate between these two realities in the video. What we took for granted just eight months ago is no longer possible. Expressing it calmly would fit the mood of the song," Suga reasoned while Jimin added that it will be an emotional music video.