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News |  22 Sep 2020 17:33 |  By RnMTeam

BTS share empowering message at Youth Day ceremony

MUMBAI: The famous K-Pop boy band from South Korea BTS have shared a powerful motivational speech at South Korea’s inaugural Youth Day ceremony, about lifting each other when times get tough. The band admitted that it isn’t always easy, While they have become one of the world’s biggest bands and achieved immeasurable success over the past couple of years. The K-pop idols say they have turned to each other to lift themselves up when times have been hard In a speech delivered by each of them in turn.

According to reports RM said: ‘Around 2018, I remember all the members felt lost after experiencing undeservedly overwhelming success.

‘Even if our path is always lined with flowers and fruits, we can’t be sure if that’s how it’ll always be.’ He added that despite their career being so successful right now, things could always go ‘downhill again when the next rainstorm will strike.‘At the end of this uncertainty and depression, the seven of us began to fill each other with dreams and trust, like we were boys again. ‘And then came August 2020. We reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart. Then another first. These were the accolades we received when we picked ourselves back up. We all cried tears of thanks.’ The singer paid tribute to the band’s ARMY who are always there to pick them up: ‘But we appreciate even more our fans and our members who have strongly united together during the moments we wanted to give up or fall behind and become towers of strength to each other over the past 10 years.’

‘We set out with nothing but music as our dream, but we didn’t know where we were going, whether we were going uphill or downhill, or as we took a break after becoming tired, whether around the corner there was a paradise or a pitfall. That’s how we started. But just as we were showered with love and attention beyond our expectations, our shadows became longer and weightier”, J-Hope added

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