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News |  17 Sep 2020 17:47 |  By RnMTeam

"It is a task to recreate a sad song into a romantic one", Puneet Dixit on creating Lakeerein 2.0

MUMBAI: We all remember the magic of the track Lakeerein which got fans on their toes and Puneet Dixit is back to captivate us with Lakeerein 2.0. People still haven't gotten over Lakeerein and we wonder the kind of buzz Lakeerein 2.0 is going to create?

There is always a big responsibility while recreating a song that has already touched so many hearts. Though Lakeerein and Lakeerein 2.0 are poles apart as per the theme is concerned and we got in touch with Puneet Dixit as we too have loads of question just like everyone as to how he came up with the concept of Lakeerein 2.0 and the process of creating the song," Lakeerein 2.0 was the idea of the channel, producers, and creatives to which I wasn't ready because firstly, I didn't want to spoil my song.

Secondly, Lakeerein is a very sad song, the lyrics of the song talk about how the couple can't be together but Lakeerein 2.0 is a very romantic song and there is nothing common in these two songs as one is sad and the another one is romantic. It is a task to recreate a sad song into a romantic one and I was not in favor of doing this song but somehow channel approached me that they want to take this song only forward with the story of Guddan and her character.

After 20 years Kanika's daughter is coming back and the old feel will be consistent with the song. Then I thought about it and made a new song and added Lakeerein to it so the lyrics changed from "Mere haathon me na teri lakeerein" to "Mere haathon me hai teri lakeerein" , so the composition of the punch line is the same but the song is completely new. Lakeerein 2.0 is a different romantic song and you'll see how a sad song can be recreated into a romantic one. Lakeerein 2.0 was the idea of the channel but adding the 2.0 was my suggestion".