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News |  17 Sep 2020 12:50 |  By Star Khangrah

Dushyant Kapoor: Justin Bieber is my inspiration

MUMBAI: Dushyant Kapoor, an Indian Film Director, Producer, and Creator who also has his drift towards music spoke about his inspiration in a recent interview with

Dushyant Kapoor has also started with his music life and says it will always be his muse. He wants to make music and sing songs that would touch hearts. He also wants to create good music for his fan base.

Dushyant keeps on writing lyrics and practicing songs whenever he’s free. Dushyant mentions he's been waiting for the right time to launch his new album soon.

"I have been a big fan of Justin Bieber and get my dose of inspiration from him. What I am today is what I always wanted to be, I love what I do. And I believe if someone is working for their dreams, nothing seems hard. I started singing as a kid, it made me feel better”, says Dushyant Kapoor.

Dushyant Kapoor is also an Indian Film Director, Producer, and Creator known for his superhero content "Mahakaal, Suitboy & Boom" with an extended vision of showcasing his other popular superhero characters named "Naari, Halt, Narayan & SHE ".

Kapoor discovered his passion for films at a very young age and was very much fond of film making. It was more of a passion, not a job.

He created his own YouTube channel “DK FILMS” at a very young age holding 408k subscribers. Its superhero series from DK FILMS " shared a universe centered on the superhero genre independently based on his own created characters and has over 50+ million views on this series.

Acting has been one of his hobbies as a child. In the nutshell, he worked on his dreams and is still on it.

“When people love my work, it’s just too overwhelming. I celebrate my achievements and then work harder for more,” says Dushyant.

Dushyant thinks he grows with every movie, with every release. He watches his own work a lot of times and improvises on it.

On asking Dushyant what is that one thing he would like to change, he added, “Technically, we are doing great with every new production but if I could change one thing, it would-be actors. I want to work with some good and experienced actors. Who can understand what I really want to showcase on the screen.”

Check out his YouTube page here:

His most popular work counts to be "Corona Short Film & Suitboy this year".

His recent short film with Bollywood Actor Maniesh Paul "Message from God" was critically acclaimed to be his notable works.