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News |  12 Sep 2020 16:08 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Surya Giri: Shilpa Rao and Sid Sriram are the most genuine people

MUMBAI: Multi-talented musician-designer Surya Giri aka SURII released a new track “You’re Not Alone”, including renowned singers Shilpa Rao and Sid Sriram. The song was written during a dark time to refract a little hope into his own life and hoping that it heals, rejuvenates, and empowers anyone who listens to it.

‘You’re Not Alone’ is the summation of a coming of age story, the story of a boy becoming into a man, realizing ‘who he was and who he might have been’. It references youth’s promise of a limitless future, growing into new horizons, and inner strength in the face of great difficulty. “The music itself has been gestating for some time, but the whole picture came together in a flash during the COVID lockdown. As music is a form of inner prayer, it has the power to uplift and heal if one gives it a chance to seep in”.

Watch here:

Working alongside renowned vocalists Shilpa Rao and Sid Sriram, the artist stated “The most genuine people I've ever had the fortune of working with”. Their talent and drive are absolutely unparalleled, as it is the purity and intention with which they hold their craft. During the first studio session, Surya was nearly in tears the moment he heard their voice, that moment was so beautiful and alluring, giving it a full life entirely.

The music of ‘You’re Not Alone’ is constructed from recordings from Surya’s grandfathers' funeral and tells the story of a child lost in his imagination and roots. And for this first solo release as the SURII persona, he feels blessed to be working alongside such brilliant, celebrated artists. “I would also like to thank each and every soul who has contributed something for this piece along the journey it truly takes a village, from musicians to engineers to those who've kept us standing tall when things were difficult”.

The artist is currently spending his time producing the best music he can, with the hope that it touches and enthuses anyone who listens to it. He sees this as an opportunity to reach out to people who are looking for warmth and courage in these times.

Further, in talk about his upcoming projects he has been working on a song cycle over the past few years, 5 of which are in the last stages of mix and master. SURII has written, produced, sung, and played most of the instruments on the tracks with great help from some mentors and friends along the way. They have had a few wonderful orchestral sessions that he has conducted as well “One of the greatest joys in the world is seeing a fully-fledged 30-60-piece orchestra playing what was once a figment of your imagination back at you in full HD sound”.

The music had won a grant to wrap up some of the music at Abbey Road, which definitely was a wonderful opportunity. There are a few phenomenal musicians and vocalists featured on the track; these collaborations have taught him a great deal along the way and he is immensely grateful for the family that this set of songs has built.