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News |  29 Aug 2020 17:57 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'High Court' singer duo Shashi-Khushi are back with song of love and passion 'SOON'

MUMBAI: After the massive success of “High Court” Bollywood singer, composer and DJ duo Shashi-Khushi brings to you their first 2020 single “SOON” themed on the powerful emotions of love, under VYRL Original.

The duo sung and composed, written beautifully by Aditya Ojha and music produced by Akull.

Shashi-Khushi came together because they wanted to do things differently and want to do some quirky stuff as they both have different personalities, Khushi is more out-going, more of a part boy/extrovert while Shashi is more introverted, lives in his own world. This was a Marriage or partnership between the two and when they tried to do things in the party song space, they wanted to have a little quirkiness or topic in every song.

Commenting on how the duo came up with “SOON” Shashi shared, “We wanted a lot of things to happen for us soon even in our life. Khushi wanted to get fitter soon, I wanted to do more gigs around the world soon, I also wanted some more music soon, my parents wanted me to get married soon so all the things we wanted to do were soon soon soon and soon. So, we thought the word was catchy and everybody could relate to it, we both relate to it and that’s how the song and word came into place”

Watch here:

The whole story of the animated music video was done by the lyricist Aditya Ojha, who caught on the essence of SOON and to the people who are in love, wanted to get married soon or trouble or not able to propose, or families are not agreeing, “That’s how the whole story flew and that how concept happened but because it was around marriage we didn’t wanted to make it a typical sad song or typical shaadi song because we wanted a modern twist to it, hence we got ‘AKULL on the beat’ to produce the song who gave it a modern twist to the song and it’s got the message of a folk song, it’s got a modern vibe and the fusion between that is amazing. I think that’s the USP of the song”.

“We feel that it’s a tough time for everybody in the world not just for the artistes but also for people in the industry and you know content has been a great stress-buster during this trying time for everyone- let it be Netflix, let it be music- it is something which changes everybody’s mood at any given time if there is a breakup or we feel happy there are songs for everything”.

During this time a lot of people are looking forward to new music, and new stuff and content, they want something new to happen to themselves beyond their Monday routine that they have been following on a daily basis. So Shashi-Khushi have a great expectation from the song and a lot of people will be able to relate to it because “My friends who wanted to get married during this time are unable to get married so the song is for them and the song is also for everybody who just wanted good music and at the same time the word SOON has so much essence and so much power- it’s a word for every situation like for example we want corona to get over soon. So, there is a SOON for everything. I think everybody should be able to relate to this song because of the word and I really think people will enjoy this song and it would have been better if it or we could have paid it all over the clubs and dancing on weddings and parties but I think once the things become normal this song definitely can be the best wedding song of the year for everybody”.

When talking about their future endeavours, the singer reveals that they have 3 big Bollywood movies coming up, the good news will be out soon on OTT. They are doing a lot of music with VYRL Originals and now Shashi-Khushi has their own respective YouTube channels, and will be releasing songs soon.

The duo is putting out music together which is their personal vibe and personal taste of music because they both have their own style of music and want to promote that as well. They have been working on a pipe line of music during the lockdown period and hopefully they should put it out soon for everybody.