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News |  27 Aug 2020 18:04 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Electronic duo Bob Moses releases another single 'The Blame' from debut album "Desire"

MUMBAI: Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses which consists of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance is back with the next single “The Blame” from their debut album entitled “Desire” a follow-up track that talks about the realisation of pain from the actions in which you choose, whether it be love or betrayal.

Commenting on the latest track Howie said, “All of the songs on this record are in some way a reflection of the themes surrounding ‘Desire’. ‘The Blame’ discusses becoming self-aware and ultimately taking responsibility for actions that were a direct result of pursuing your desires”.

Watch here “The Blame”:

The album consists of six-track EP, “Love We Found”, “The Blame”, “Desire” collaboration with Zhu, “Hold Me Up”, “Outlier” and “Ordinary Day”. Vallance shared that as cliché as it might sound, life is really in the main inspiration for most of their music. They have to write what they know, to feel genuine and connect with people. Once they discovered “Desire” album was heading in the direction of potentially being a concept record with a central theme, they started to explore other stories of desire. One of the main stories they got inspiration from was the Greek myth of Icarus. They realized that stories of desire have been around for centuries and their record is just a modern take on an ancient tale.

“This record is quite dance floor focused and it’s all mixed together to flow like a DJ set. We designed it to be listened from start to finish without stopping, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Howie adds. Zhu is the only artist they’ve collaborated with for the album, but they’d love to collaborate with more artists in the future.

Their last song release “Desire” has crossed more than 2M views on YouTube, “It’s pretty crazy how quickly the song and video has picked up a lot of streams”, said Vallance. They also mentioned that they are very grateful and pleasantly surprised, but also very happy with the amazing job that Owen Brown and Airplan did on the video.

Watch here “Desire”:

Bob Moses had a tour planned for India this year, but sadly Covid-19 has paused all of their touring. They wish to come as soon as they can, and experience India for the first time. The duo is also currently hosting weekly live-streamed sets entitled “Bobcast”.