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News |  01 Jul 2020 12:16 |  By Namrata Kale

'Waiting For Me' is a global protest anthem about returning to nature and also about critiquing aspects of capitalism that no longer serve us today: Madame Gandhi

Kiran Gandhi, also known by her stage name Madame Gandhi is an American electronic music producer, drummer, artist and activist whose known to bring in a wave of feminism through music has recently released new track called Waiting for me on Vh1. The song narrates a heavy message for the audience as Madame has always believed in delivering meaningful lyrics to the audience. In an interview with Namrata Kale from, she has spoken about the song and a lot more.
Check below interview.

Could you tell us about your new track? What message does it convey?

Waiting For Me” is a global protest anthem about returning to nature and also about critiquing aspects of capitalism that no longer serve us today. “Dim our minds with drugs and liquor, knowing that we’ll die off quicker, sorrow makes their wallets thicker.” We are often made to feel like we are not good enough, we are not powerful enough, we are not our best selves, and to then self-medicate with things like unhealthy food or unhealthy habits that are not good for us. I wanted to write a song with all the musical percussive swag of the music I love listening to, but make sure it had a message that was loud and clear. I think this could not be a more relevant time for a video and PSA like this!

Waiting For You song link:

How much prep time did it take to compose and produce the track?

We worked on the track over several months between touring and creating. The video was a similar process. I knew I wanted director Misha Ghose and no one else, and so we had to time our schedules well. I had met with Misha several times during different trips to India I had in 2019 to be able to conceptualize this video, and February 2020 ended up being the perfect time to shoot, around my India tour and Vh1 Supersonic 2020 showcase. We had no idea how severe the global pandemic would be, so our timing was divine, and message on point.

How are you spending time during this quarantine period?

I have been working on my emotions, learning how to be the best version of myself, serve my community, protest weekly, write even more honest music, perform virtually and most of all connect even deeper with my friends and family virtually.

What do you think is the future of the music industry amid this pandemic?

I think we will be more accustomed to virtual performances and live streamed experiences, which only adds an additional source of revenue to the entire industry for artists to tap into. It allows us to be in multiple places at once, while conserving time and energy and certain financial capital. This is very powerful. We have to continue to design these virtual experiences so that they continue to deliver value to the fan, but if done right, I think there could be bigger gains for the industry at large.

What are your upcoming plans?

Iam writing my next short-form album, Vibrations! My first album Voices was released in 2016, Visions was 2019, and I am hoping to release Vibrations in 2021 to complete the series!