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News |  16 Jun 2020 13:20 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Bharatt-Saurabh aims to spread happiness with their latest release 'Saari Raat'

MUMBAI: Singer- lyricist Bharatt-Saurabh has added a new feather on their cap “Saari Raat” making their own debut, featuring the beautiful actress Vibhoutee Sharma and Varsha Sharma under VYRL Original.

“Saari Raat” is an abstract thing, a personal moment where we do things in our comfort space. “One beautiful night we were both jamming and there was breeze through the window, stars in the sky so that’s how we got the inspiration to capture this beauty into music”, shared Bharatt

Watch here:

Speaking about the vibe of the music video Bharatt shared, “It was shot before the lockdown. We wanted to capture the kind of elements that the audio had, blissful environment”.

Saurabh adds, “The song “Saari Raat” is based on “Moments at Night” so we incorporated a section of both the night and day. We captured both the vibe, enjoying nature during the day and celebrating with bonfires in nature during the night. Nature was an important thing we wanted to portray in the music video”.

With the current situation the singers are firm with their expectations that as long as the emotion is pure and has a vibe, their most concern is to spread happiness to the people.

The singers have been keen on making original independent music since their childhood, having their own YouTube channel “Bharatt-Saurabh” and now making their own debut and associating with a label for the first time. They said that being associated with such a label which is very artistry and best in business for original music, they feel very special and lucky. Since they joined, they grew a lot with the label and hope to grow even more, the label helped them make “Saari Raat” better from the time they presented.

“VYRL Original gives you the freedom and takes risk with our music, there’s no boundaries and a very good taste in music”, said Saurabh on an experiment collaborating with VYRL Original.

The duo has sung in all genres from Pop, RnB and Hip Hop, but they revealed that Pop RnB are their favourite genres. They love to experiment in all genres of music and sounds as both the singers are technically nerds in music. They love to mix and match the sounds but one thing they keep in mind is the sound should be suiting and have original melody to it.

While our lives have been recently stripped to the minimum by a virus, the duo shared, “For a studio artist like us we were always in a lockdown it’s not a new thing, we are making more music as our surroundings are quite with no traffic sound, even the day has become “Saari Raat”. We have become more passionate.

“The song has a happy vibe, we hope everyone can enjoy it”, Saurabh adds.

The music artist duo has a pipeline of upcoming songs. Stay Tune!