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News |  03 Jun 2020 17:43 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Blood Brothers band raise funds for COVID-19 patients through their song

MUMBAI: Young indie band from India, Blood Brothers has decided on raising funds for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and will donate double the revenue they get from the streaming of the song “Hope”

The band comprises of Khyatt Desai, on vocals and lead guitar, Snehal Desai on rhythm guitar, Jagdish Jethva on bass, Drona Desai on drums and Kaushik Srinivas on the keyboard.

“Hope is something that is perennial” said Blood Brother, we need it all the time and now more than ever, with what the world is going through. It’s significance in times like these cannot be overstated. That is what Blood Brothers are trying to do through the song. They’re trying to give people Hope through the music.

Watch here:

But along with that, they’ve also decided to donate double of the total revenue they generate from the song to the COVID relief fund, “As a band, we thought we are writing a song called ‘Hope’, what else can we do on our part that actually gives people hope? That is when we came up with the idea of doubling our earning and donating it to the fund. That way we play our little part in helping people stay strong in these times of distress”.

Further, they chose PM Care funds to ensure that their contribution directly reaches and affects people who need them the most.

Blood Brothers wishes to collaborate with Iron Maiden, Dream Theatre, perhaps even Breaking Benjamin. “But if only we got everything we wished for. If only it were that easy”

“We have learnt quite a bit over the years. I think the most important thing we’ve learnt so far is to have fun and enjoy the process” shared Blood Brothers about the learnings they have received over the years. “It is very easy to get caught up in the pursuit of success and perfection. But the thing to realise is that perfection is a process rather than a result and what’s important is that you enjoy the process, have fun and keep getting better”.

Blood Brothers has a few releases lined up not mention some exciting new videos as well. They’re working on creating as much content and hopefully bring it out to the world very soon.