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News |  02 Jun 2020 16:39 |  By RnMTeam

'Sarmast' is a tale of losing oneself to the surrounding, says the emerging songsmith, Rahi

MUMBAI: Wandering around the enchanting mountains of Meghalaya with inspiring ethnicity, singer and songwriter, Rahi brought ‘Sarmast’ to life. A tune that travelled with him on this journey, the indigenous Garo tribe of the Tura village, Meghalaya garbed it with their unique words and distinct sense of music. Sarmast weaves in a story about the intoxicating beauty of love that brings people together to create something out of the ordinary. Scaling new horizons with his music, Rahi yearns to present the unsung stories from around the country. Sarmast is one such attempt at drawing a window to the innocence and art of the Garo tribe. Rahi, the emerging talent from Big Bang Music's roster is gearing up to release Sarmast on 2nd June.

Expressing love with his simplicity and acting as a window to the lesser-known side of Kashmir - its people, their culture and hospitality, Rahi’s music echoes rawness and authenticity with emphasis on the lyrics and melody. His guitar is his trademark that accompanies him to each of his adventures. 


The soulful composition was written during Rahi’s time at Tura Centre of Excellence in Indian and Western Music Institute, Tura, Meghalaya as a mentor. Sarmast’s candid existence stems from the warmth and passion of people who worked on the composition, the stellar musicians, including Booma Hangsing - a celebrated guitarist from the band Boomerang.


Talking about the song, Rahi said, ‘Music has been a way of storytelling for me since I can remember. Sarmast is a tale of losing oneself to the surrounding. The surprising thing is, the people I collaborated with did not understand the Sufi language, so music was the only bridge that got us together and brought Sarmast to its existence. The fact that we learnt from each other, despite the language barrier inspired me to do this collaboration. The soulful energy the Garo community brought to Sarmast is beyond expression. The mixture of the lyrics and the melody blended together so well that the rawness of the composition defined the feeling we shared while making Sarmast. I believe we all are travellers, journeying our way towards what seeks us and the sole motive of making music is to bring communities together, learn from one another and present the creation like never before.’