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News |  17 Apr 2020 09:19 |  By RnMTeam

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Business

For new start ups, there are plenty of things to consider when embarking on running your own business. One of the most integral, if not the very first item on your to do list, should be choosing a name for your business.

What's in a Name?

Choosing a name for your business is extremely important. This is the first thing your customers will notice when it comes to connecting with your brand. The name of your business should be both memorable but also concise and transparent. It should tell your customer who you are, what your business offers and why they should engage with you. The name of your brand should be relevant to its industry but also bring something new and original. The name of your company will be your calling card, appearing in your branding and marketing, so be sure to check that your desired domain name is still available and that your bright idea hasn't already been snapped up by a competitor.

Although you may be tempted to choose a very unique name to stand out from the competition, it is worth considering how this will impact the growth and progress of your brand. Investors, for example, prefer to put money behind a business that already has tangible potential, so choosing the right name that aligns with your product, values and potential consumer base is very important.

How to Choose a Great Name

With so much to take into consideration, many new start ups may feel more than a little intimidated when it comes to selecting a great name. Business experts recommend choosing a name that is short and snappy, a name that is both visually appealing as a logo or branding and also a name that is easy (and even fun!) to say. Try to avoid falling into the trap of using your own name and remember that whatever name you choose will have to last for the life cycle of your company. If this all still seems a little too complicated, why not try letting a name generator choose your business name for you?

A name generator is a straightforward tool that helps you not only find a name that is relevant and unique, but also helps you imagine how it may look as a logo or on branding. For most of these name generating tools, all you need to do is input the most relevant keywords to your business and then the generator will do all the hard work for you. Along with coming up with plenty of possible name suggestions, these generator tools can also advise as to whether or not a potential domain name is available and best of all, many of these tools are absolutely free to use, so you can take as long as you want to choose the name that is right for your business. Click here for some more ideas and remember that the name of your business will be around for as long as you are trading, so taking the time to get it right is key to longterm business success.