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News |  07 Apr 2020 13:15 |  By Namrata Kale

Singer Saurabh Shetye, Director Arsala Qureishi speak about song 'Aag Ka Gola'

MUMBAI: Aag Ka Gola, a track that gives a message on ‘kindness’ has achieved much love and support from the audience. Crossing millions of views the song will leave you filled with so much warmth and a heartfelt message.

Sung, composed and produced by Saurabh Shetye along with Durgesh, the track is directed by Arsala Qureishi. “The song has a unique concept and I am happy we are getting a good response and that I could bring something new to the table,” added Arsala.

She further spoke on her experience, “It was a good experience directing the track. We shot in LA, gave a Hollywood vibe to the track. I wanted to tell about humanity, introspection, collision, and departure.”

The track also features Robert Hoffman and Jas Sagu. Qureishi mentioned it was nice collaborating with him and the experience was beautiful.

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While the song title happens to be Aag Ka Gola, on asking Qureishi how exactly this title came to their mind, she explained, “I was sitting in my sister’s house and my friend mentioned the word ‘Aag Ka Gola’ and I loved that expression so much, I just added LA to it, that’s how the song name was derived.”

She mentions that her each song is very different from one another and have their own vibe and transitions to it.

For the future, Quereishi mentions she is willing to do projects that connect to human stories.

While Saurabh Shetye has contributed to the track too, he shares his bit of experience, “It was a nice experience, we usually do not have the freedom to do exactly what we want. Usually, we are restricted on film instructions but here we were been just told that here is Aag Ka Gola and do what you want. The basic tune to us came to us quickly and naturally and it took us lesser time to work on it.”

Shetye mentions what he is looking forward to doing ahead, “We are planning on an independent act. It’s going to be an electronic/fusion act and has multi-instrumental music included in it.”

Lastly before wrapping up, he gives a message to the youth who are prepping themselves up for a career in the music industry, “Right now it’s important for everyone to find their own sound. Bollywood is always going to be an influence but right now it’s important to explore the frontiers.”