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News |  06 Apr 2020 13:10 |  By RnMTeam

After 'KARMA', PAV4N unleashes new single, 'STASIS'

MUMBAI: PAV4N (to be read as Pavan) announced his arrival on the global stage with the blistering ‘KARMA’ and maintains the tempo with yet another cracker, ‘STASIS’ – ready for release on April 10.

The semi-autobiographical track – produced by experienced London-based rapper and producer I am Still Truth aka Param – ‘STASIS’ tackles PAV4N’s unconventional journey as an artist as well his own personal development.

After spending nearly two decades at the forefront of hip-hop with super collective Foreign Beggars as its co-founder and having built a body of work that includes collaborations with the who’s who of the international music industry, PAV4N’s credentials as a rapper are well established.

And in ‘STASIS’ he unravels his personal experience for listeners as he takes a cold, hard look at the challenges that the entertainment industry presents.

t’s a long way down
A quick drop when ya livin' that high life
One day you're at the top lookin down
Next minute man are sittin on the sideline

“ ‘STASIS’ is about my journey as an artist, in the music industry and I talk about the pitfalls of getting lost in the hype and what a cold place the entertainment industry can be,” says PAV4N of the lyrical themes of STASIS. “I’ve experienced a lot of love, but there is a cynical underbelly artists have to navigate, but nearing 20 years in the game has only strengthened my resolve,” he adds.

PAV4N is a markedly different and creatively gratifying avatar wherein he ties his cultural roots with his love for hip-hop.

After unveiling his blue avatar in ‘KARMA’ fans will get to see another side of PAV4N in ‘STASIS’.

The video, shot in Mathura and Vrindavan by Bombay Arthouse, juxtaposes desolate urban development against heritage architecture and this contrast is mirrored in the ancient and modern presentation of PAV4N’s look in the video alongside music – ancient Indian instrumentation on hard 808 140bpm trap/grime influenced track.

‘STASIS’ will release on April 10 and will be available on all streaming platforms. The video for ‘STASIS’ will also release on April 10.

2020 will see more releases by PAV4N as well as a series of theatrical live shows with launch events in India, UAE, UK and US, complete with bespoke visuals and motion graphics.