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News |  01 Apr 2020 18:18 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Ideas pop inside my mind while showering', says Nagaland's Joshua Shohe on his journey in music

MUMBAI: Joshua Shohe, a budding singer from Nagaland who happens to have a multi-skilled personality is not just a singer but also pens his lyrics. At the age of 20 the singer is trying to balance his life as a student and a musician.

In an exclusive interview with Tolika Yeptho from,  Joshua shares his journey in music, “My first stage performance was at the age of 10 at the school assembly. I love to sing and that’s when I started dreaming of getting into the music industry. Since then I have been doing cover songs of different singers and finally, in the year 2019, I released my first original song “Little Love”.

When asked about the inspiration behind his songs, Joshua shared, “Inspiration depends all upon my mood, maybe while traveling, inside the classroom, experiences or trying to picture myself in someone else’s situation. It's rather funny as most ideas pops inside my mind while showering and I would rush out to write it down somewhere. But Most importantly I’m always pushing myself forward to do more as I don’t want to set a bad example for the future generation”.

Meanwhile, Joshua is busy with his current music projects. Recently the singer spoke about his new song 'Cliche' and shared the motive behind it. “Back in my high school days, I adored a girl but even after knowing the truth, she would still date different guys. The irony is that it never bothered me but  I would still go crazy for her and the song is on these lines”.

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Joshua’s another song “Never Let You Down” featuring Zonimong Imchen was again a unique piece, the music was entirely done through beatboxing and no instruments was used.

 “During the Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ) Costfest Zonimong and I performed together, soon after that we received a lot of feedback from the audience and that’s when we decided to do a song together. We didn’t plan on doing an original, we just couldn’t pick a song to make a cover so that’s when it all happened, he gave the beats and I wrote the lyrics. We both wanted to do something different and of what our mouth is capable of “Never Let You Down” was challenging," Joshua added.

He further unveiled that he creates melody through his mouth before he moves forward for the recordings as it helps him get more ideas and understand the concept.

Earlier Joshua had done a cover song of “Miss You” by member of boy band One Direction Louis Tomlinson under clef ensemble. Over hundreds of cover songs done by fans on YouTube of Louis Tomlinson, out of which YouTube channel Glamour picked 4 unique fans and Louis reacts on their cover songs, he compliments and advises his fans after hearing them sing and it turned out to be that Joshua was one of them.

The “Cliché” singer expressed, “It was so unbelievable, I feel so blessed and not only because I got reacted by Louis Tomlinson but I was also featured on the video's thumbnail”.

Joshua Shohe has a pipeline of songs coming up this year. The duo of “Never Let You Down” is working for another surprise package for their audience.

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