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News |  13 Dec 2019 17:53 |  By RnMTeam

Know Vyaasa-M - a rising star in the music Industry

MUMBAI: With the onset of the revival of the Independent Music scene in India we have a passionate musician Vyaasa-M who has made an immediate mark with his debut Indie single "Wajood-E-Sabab".

Composer, songwriter and singer Vyaasa-M has worked for different commercial projects as a Keyboardist, Asst. Music Arranger/Producer, Additional music arranger. A Hotelier by qualification but now a full time musician. 

While his song Wajood-E-Sabab has an interesting cinematic music video depicting a person finding his reason for existence. The song is a collaboration between Vyaasa-M and Vivek Hariharan and is conceptualised, composed by Vyaasa-M and co-written with Samsher Singh Beniyaaz.

We at Radioandmusic got in a candid conversation with him to know more about his journey in the music industry and here what he had to say.

Tell us about your journey

I am born and raised in Mumbai. Hotel Management graduate by qualification. But after quitting the hotel job due to hectic work hours in 2yrs time, did some other industry profile jobs too, like BPO's and Corporate sector.. Interest in music grew exponentially during the period of my degree college years. After graduation in 2012, the next few years of my life went in balancing job ( had to repay the education loan) and exploring the music in me by reaching out to people as a keyboard player to get work as I was a self taught keyboardist.

Those 3-4 years were one of the most challenging, hectic and crucial years of my life. And memorable to. Sleep and social life was like luxury because there was so much in music to be dreamt, worked and achieved.

At that time, I did take couple of western classical music lessons on piano too, under the guidance of my Piano Sir Vishal Mankame. It helped me in expanding my musicality.

Two years back from now, I never had a strong thought of putting out the songs as a Music Composer, Songwriter and Singer. Because till then I wasn’t that sure about knowing what are the traits to be a composer and creator. I was just involved in the process of music projects for others and was curious to learn about various aspects of music making. So in the journey, I had worked as a Keyboardist for singers in live shows and YouTube covers, Assistant Music Arranger, Music programmer for live shows YouTube covers and some small demo works for composers in movies/Indie single.

What is Wajood-e-Sabab according to you?

Wajood-e-Sabab is a made-up word as this term doesn't exist on Google and musically wasn't ever used. Music is a powerful medium to connect with people. So I wanted to tell a story about Reason for Existence as I felt it's an important topic and it needs to be shared in a musical way to reach hearts. Wajood means existence and Sabab means reason. So me and Sher (Samsher Singh Beniyaaz- Poet, Lyricist) came up with the term.

How did you come up with a concept so common yet neglected maybe due to societal pressures?

When an artist creates something, there will most likely be a reflection of their personal experiences or the events they witnessed and felt in that piece of creation.  Likewise, If you look around, you get to see majority of people doing a regular job, travelling those crowded bus and trains, due to reasons like pressure of repaying loan, EMI, family pressures and responsibilities, blindly following the format of life just the way they see around, etc and most famously, just because you did a degree course so find a job in that area only otherwise you will be judged.

Now all these people have talents and capabilities that they have either ignored and suppressed in some point of their life or been doing it with less focus just because they feel such talent may not get validation or they never felt so strongly about it so can't be chased as career option.

So in a way they are living someone else's dreams by doing a regular office job life at the cost of giving up or sidelining on their potential strengths without self introspection. So this song is dedicated to such people who are hesitant in taking that one step towards finding themselves and liberating their lives by chasing their own dreams. In others words the intention and message of this song is to convince the listeners in finding their "#wajoodesababmoment ".

How was it collaborating with Vivek Hariharan?

Vivek has a special place in my life. He is like an elder brother to me apart from being a very close friend of mine and a soulful/powerhouse singer. We almost started our music careers at the same time few years back. I'm happy to see him grow as a Bollywood playback singer and also developing his business venture in music industry by starting an artist talent firm. In my musical journey so far, he has majorly contributed in giving me strength, advice and support. So it very well reflects in the song too, wherever his voice comes in.

You recently released your Indie debut single as a singer and composer, what’s more to explore as you're into many aspects of music making?

The next single will be out this month. Now this time I am going to tell a story on love and relationship with some complexity and layer of emotions.