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News |  20 Nov 2019 15:00 |  By Minal Owal

Duo Aniruddha and Tammy on scoring music for 'Aamis'

MUMBAI: Aniruddha, and Tammy a duo known as ‘Quan Bay’ who is known to make music, both art/pop songs, and film scores, shared their musical journey exclusively to

Airuddha and Tammy met at Canada, Toronto in 2014-15, when Tammy was a classical pianist and Ainruddha was already a director working on his musical projects.

 “Initially we were focused on writing music and recording music that was our primary area of focus, Aniruddha’s mother Manju Borah offered us our first music scoring for a movie Dau Huduni Methai in 2015,” elaborated Tammy.

At the screening of Dau Huduni Methai Aniruddha and Tammy met Bhaskar Hazarika director of Aamis. Later in 2019 Quan Bay were asked to score music for Aamis by Bhaskar Hazarika.

Sharing their experience while scoring music for Aamis Aniruddha mentioned, “All the music related work was done on the internet online through video calls and chats, we got edited clips of the movie and Bhaskar explained to us and accordingly we developed the music.”

“The movie had a lot of montage sequences. It had a very dualistic element that is a hint of tragedy and a horror element which was very interesting to create a music score for and we consider ourselves very lucky to be a part of this movie,” added Aniruddha.

Further Aniruddha and Tammy are interested in exploring Asian and Korean music.

Also Bollywood seems to be changing rapidly to them and they are hoping to make more of Bollywood music scores.

The duo revealed that they are coming up with Metromania which revolves around dreams and realities of a person.