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News |  16 Nov 2019 09:00 |  By Minal Owal

CASA BACARDÍ’s initiative to put together like minded individuals under one roof is mind-blowing: SickFlip

MUMBAI: Sarvesh Shrivastava aka SickFlip, a new age electronica artist, music composer-producer, also a performer from Mumbai, India performed at the CASA BACARDÍ- a vibrant, new, immersive platform launched by BACARDÍ.

On associating with CASA BACARDÍ’ Sarvesh mentioned, “Its initiative to put together like minded individuals under one roof is mindblowing. This is a two and fro relationship that is going strong. There is this culture which is absolutely going on point and a pre-existing infrastructure and culture which everybody enjoys and so do I and I am loving it.”
While describing his genre of music he said, “I am heavily inspired by broken beat music which is hip hop, dancehall and reggae, collaborating these diverse genres putting them together and creating something new out of pre exciting five or six things is what I do and it’s called ‘Sickflip’ music”

SickFlip and his team have come across with something of that sort as now a days many small parties are happening around the city more than ever, ‘Pineapples’ which focuses on roof top dance parties those happen during day time from 4pm to 12pm unlike all the other night parties. These parties will provide individuals with a platform to show case their talent. It will include disco, afro and other new genres.

Sarvesh is wiling to try Jazz music he adds,  “Jazz includes a lot of skills which inspires me to write and produce jazz music that is so different from electronic music.”

Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Missy Elliott are the ones he wishes to collaborate with.

Stay tuned for his upcoming single Roshni, he has composed music for.