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News |  12 Nov 2019 18:27 |  By Minal Owal

My whole life revolves around CASA BACARDÍ ’s theme party ‘Do What Moves You’: The Spindoctor

MUMBAI: Sanjay Meriya aka The Spindoctor, a new age electronic artist who happens to be practicing djing since 11 years recently performed at “CASA BACARDÍ a vibrant, new, immersive platform launched by BACARDÍ. To know more about the musician, we had a conversation where he spoke about his performance.

“CASA BACARDÍ is fun, its Afro vibe with Caribbean theme is amazing. As a kid I always watched these party advertisements and wished to play as a DJ in Bacardi parties and here I am playing for one of these,” said SpinDoc.

Further talking about CASA BACARDÍ , he added, “I fit very well with the brand as my whole life revolves around Casa Bacardi’s Do What Moves You and music moves me the most so my association with this relates to my life.”

In the past SpinDoc has worked with Gully Gang, Raja Kumari, Divine, Naezy. We asked the musician what were the qualities he would like to absorb from these artists, “Every artist has its own aura and personality and I try to absorb the positive qualities within myself.”

In a conversation about future projects, the DJ revealed Hip hop is his main forte but he wouldn’t mind trying urban Bollywood music as well. Moreover there is also a collaboration with the famous band called Doorben on a urban hip hop track.

Stay tuned for more updates on SpinDoctor and his new releases.