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News |  13 Sep 2019 13:51 |  By Minal Metkari

Exclusive: Akasa Singh and Vayu to team up again for 'offbeat' song!

MUMBAI: Singer Akasa Singh, who recently released her Sony Music single, Maseerati in collaboration with Tanishk Bagchi and Vayu, has teamed up with Vayu again!
Spilling beans about the same, Akasa says, “My next single after Maaseriti, is scheduled to be released soon in October. It’s a collaboration with Vayu again and I am very excited about it, but can’t say much as of now.“
“It’s a very different track from the ones, I have done earlier, I don’t know how to explain it, but honestly, you guys will know on hearing it,” she further adds. 
On Vayu, she exclaims, “Vayu again has sung a very crazy, out of the box desi song. Since I have already collaborated with Vayu before, I have a rapport with him. We are very excited about it.”
Besides, the singer’s latest track, Maseerati is quite a rage!
“The response to the video is pretty positive. Honestly, whatever views the song has got, I would just be happy if people are liking it, whether its in terms of numbers, comments or anything,” she exclaims on the response received by Maseerati. 
She also had a fabulous experience while working on Maseerati. 
Speaking about the same, Singh shares, “My experience was amazing. I felt very lucky to get on board with a team of hitmakers like Tanishk and Vayu.”
Lastly, Akasa Singh, who has a lot of singles coming out, urges everyone to support indie music. 
“I think, indie music is happening already and is only going to grow from here,” she concludes.