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News |  05 Sep 2019 22:04 |  By Minal Metkari

Know the singer songwriter in DJ Zaeden in debut track 'Tere Bina'

MUMBAI: DJ, producer Zaeden has debuted as a singer, songwriter with his debut single, Tere Bina.

Speaking about the romantic song, released under VYRL Originals, Zaeden exclaims, “We have just put out Tere Bina on YouTube. I have been waiting for the song’s release for almost one year. We had a lot of struggles until the final product was ready. I am really excited and happy with the response, I am getting on YouTube.”

On being asked if there was any specific idea behind this song, he shares, “It’s actually funny when I started making the song, I was in my studio and this really ‘catchy tune’ came into my head. I grabbed my phone and recorded the whistle. This led to the song for which, I came up with a guitarist. My manager got in touch with talented lyricist, Kumaar Vermaa, who is the man behind the words.”

“The idea behind, both, the song and its video, was to keep it really simple since it’s my first single as a singer-songwriter. I just wanted to make sure that I have a very safe song and its one of those tracks that people won’t get bored off because I personally do get bored of songs after listening to them again and again in the studio. But, this is one of those songs, I am still not bored of, which makes it really special. Also, Tere Bina was made in one take after, which we started chasing a few labels,” he further adds.

Zaeden didn’t leave any stone unturned to make his singing and songwriting debut perfect.

“I just wanted to make it right, which took a lot of time because during the transition from being a DJ, producer to a singer, I had a lot of shows in India and outside as well. It was a very tough transition but I am happy that it worked out for good,” he explains.

On his association with VYRL Originals, Zaeden says, “It has been amazing as I have a really good team here at VYRL Originals, who are very like-minded people. They are always open to something new and experimenting, which is something I love about the team. This goes for my management as well as I am really blessed to have people working, both, at VYRL Originals and the ones who represent me and support my music. I want to thank Vineet, Devraj, Sajid and Pooja from VYRL originals team, for trusting my vision and helping me to put up this song.”

Further, on being asked, how has he evolved in this transition, Zaeden says, “As a person, I feel that through this whole transition, I have become more hard working because I am spending way too many hours on music unlike before and I am loving it as I like being busy. Earlier, as a producer, I always focussed on production, but now I am singing and dancing in my live shows, which is something new for me. Hence, I would say that it’s a big learning.”

Hen quizzed if he is coming up with more singles, Zaeden concludes, “Yes, I will be dropping a lot of singles with VYRL Originals. I am also looking forward to collaborating with a lot of singer, songwriters in India as well. I am also writing a lot of songs for other artists.”

Watch ‘Tere Bina’ here