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News |  17 Aug 2019 11:00 |  By RnMTeam

'I Wanna Touch The Sky' - a step towards awareness of LGTBQ community say its singer, composer

MUMBAI: I Wanna Touch Sky, a song made to create awareness of the struggles faced by the LGBTQ community is a noteworthy attempt by its makers. Conceptualised and produced by Ashish Sharma and Archana, the song is sung in English by singer Shilpa Surroch, while it is composed by Saurabh Kalsi. The lyrics are penned by Swati Marwal. The idea of this song was to communicate the fact that even the trans people are a gender and love is love regardless their sexual orientation.

Commenting on how did this opportunity land into his kitty, Saurabh Kalsi said, “I worked on two songs for the movie, Khejdi back in 2017, which is produced by Rachayita Films, owned by my dear friends Ashish and Archana Sharma. Those two songs were recorded in Rajasthan, where we searched for raw and rustic folk artists from small towns and brought them together to create two beautifully carved melodies, which you will get to hear when the audio of the film will release. Later, when the films' rights were given to JKN Global Media, Ashish and Archana came up with the idea of creating an International level promotional song for the film that would feature Anne Jakrajutatip and Ashish Sharma. I am really glad and grateful for this opportunity as it helped me explore and venture into the international music space.”

 “It has been an interesting, exciting and learning journey for me with this wonderful piece of art. While in Khejdi, I have experimented a lot with my style of music, I Wanna Touch The Sky in specific has been a brilliant experience. The seed was sown by Ashish and Archana as they came to me with a brief that we need to make a song, which depicts the struggle of the LGBTQ community and how this song needs to speak about giving a voice to them and letting them fly high in the society without any gender bias. I was told the tagline has to be I Wanna Touch The Sky, which really helped me in shaping up the basic melody. After a few attempts, we finally cracked this piece, which you can hear. Shilpa Surroch and I did a few brainstorming sessions to come up with a nice melody and as I played the groove to her, she was already swaying and humming along, which later landed into this inspiring, motivational and moving piece of music,” he further said, while spilling beans about the music composition process of the song.

Shilpa Surroch shared her experience of working on a song for LBTQ community, “The fact that I was a part of the song making process, made me even more aware of this sensitive and genuine issue that a lot of people turn blind side to. I have been friends with people from this community and all I have realised is that they just need an appreciation of their existence like any other person.”

To this, Saurabh added, “The first time I met Ashish for the briefing of the film, I was shocked to know about the hardships LGBTQ community faces. I would call it lack of awareness in the society about their struggles. Although there is a lot being said and done for them around the globe, but still there is much more which we need to do for their complete inclusiveness in this society system. I feel this film, Khejdi and our song, I Wanna Touch The Sky is a step towards awareness and an effort by the whole team to bring forth the issues they face and a heartfelt message to give a voice to the muted ones. 'You Can and You Will Fly High'.”

Lastly, on the response, Shilpa exclaimed, “This has been one of the most challenging songs I have ever sung not just in terms of the cause but in terms of singing as well. I believe if we are able to change the mindset of even 10% of the audience, we have accomplished our job. This film is hard hitting and this song is not just a song but an LGBTQ Anthem. I am hoping for the best for this entire project.”