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News |  13 Aug 2019 18:56 |  By Hemali Gandhi

'Lehrao Tiranga Pyaara' by Zee Music evokes patriotic sentiments

MUMBAI: Independence Day is around the corner and the music industry is never behind in celebration of occasions that evoke patriotism in the hearts of youngsters. Zee Music Company has launched a song titled Lehrao Tiranga Pyaara, an epitome of nationalist feelings of immense love for the country. It is as if the entire name of the country is carved with pride throughout the song.

This song is very powerfully penned by Jugdish Bhardwaj, directed by Rosario Dsouza and sung by Kumar Sanu. Every alphabet in the song reminds us of our land of picturesque beauty, the land of diverse culture, and it fills us from pride. This song reminds us how we are like different beads joined together by an invisible string of patriotism.

This song sings of the selfless sacrifices of martyrs from not just the freedom fight, but also the ones who stand on borders, the one who gave their lives for saving the civilians during terrorist attacks.

It reminds us of the purity of our nation, the strong standing Himalayas and the green land filled with productivity. A few words and tunes taken from the iconic song Vande Mataram add to the beauty of the original lines and tunes.

It does say that we are a peace loving country, but the song also makes it crystal clear that we will never stand injustice in any form. We fought for what we deserved years back, and we will continue giving our enemies ‘karara jawaab’.

Click on the link below to check the song out:

With India nearing its 73rd Independence year, this song has come out on a right time to spread the nationalism fervour. For more updates on patriotic covers and songs, stay tuned to RnM.