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News |  09 Aug 2019 09:00 |  By Namrata Kale

It's fun working with interesting brands: Sukriti, Prakriti Kakar

MUMBAI: Twin sisters Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar brough alive the launch event of Aptronix, India’s first flagship Apple Premium Reseller store in Mumbai at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. The singers performed on some of the best Bollywood and indie numbers including Mafiyaan, Gazab Ka Hai Din, Subah Subah, Hawa Hawa etc.

Speaking about their association, they shared, “It's always fun working with interesting brands. Being avid Apple users, this was a no-brainer for us. We're thrilled to have worked with one of our favorite brands in the world and look forward to a lot of interesting content. I think there’s no better way to celebrate the launch of India’s first flagship Apple store than to celebrate with music.”

 An artist has a few set of thoughts that run behind their mind before they perform on stage.

On being questioned on the same, the sisters added, “We all have random thoughts actually, right from checking if there’s no power failure and our mics are fully charged, to hoping to not forget lyrics. Also hoping that the audience is receptive and praying that everything goes smoothly and seamlessly.”

They recall that one famous gig from a ton of stage shows that they have done, “It actually has happened a few times. Both of us and our band have been together for a while now and our sync and chemistry has really come a long way. Playing the same songs again and again has made us really tight and our performance improvises with every passing gig. A few college shows have been so good that it makes us want to work harder and beat even our last best performance. But moreover, it’s an amalgamation of all right elements, like the best sound, best audience, our best vocal performance, etc.”

Meanwhile, at Prakriti and Sukrit’s recent show, many people came with really cute crafty placards that flashed their names, pictures and some lyrics. The twins were quite overwhelmed with such an effort by the audience.