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News |  02 Aug 2019 23:14 |  By RnMTeam

I am a refugee in my own country, says Kashmiri singer

MUMBAI: Kashmiri singer Aabha Hanjura recently dropped her new single, Roshe Walla Chalo Chinaro Ke Gharo, which is a longing to go back to your motherland. The song marks the folk-pop singer’s association with Qyuki.

Speaking about the song, Aabha says, “It is for the first time that I am doing a Hindi song. Roshe Walla Chalo Chinaro Ke Gharo is my story. It is true that I am a refugee in my own country, and yes, there are people in my land, who want to go back to their homes. The song is basically about a separation and reunion. Though my story, I have tried to show separation of anybody away from their homeland. I always wanted to talk about it, but tried doing the song in a very festive, upbeat and happy manner that is apt for its mood.”

“It is a fairytale of hope for Kashmir that everything will become fine in the end. The idea was inspired by any typical Bollywood film and my hopeless romantic self. This is something, we have tried to convey. We have also used kids in the music video and their anticipation and thinking of ‘what will happen?’ Their belief of everything will be fine in Kashmir should make everyone optimistic. We tried to give it a very cinematic feel and convey a message of separation and re-union through puppetry, where the puppets portrayed characters, which were neither real nor fictional,” she adds.

Watch video here

On being asked, if the song will land into controversy, Aabha comments, “I don’t see it landing in a controversy as it is very much a reality. It is true that we are away from home and were forced to move out. It was not a choice, but an exodus. Acceptance is the first step to solving any problem. In my head, it is a very positive song and I see it as a hope in the message given through the song.”

“I wish it does because sometimes it happens that we tend to say things in a certain way that create negativity. I feel the purpose of art is to disturb and it is to move and I hope my song makes people think and take an action. At the same time, we have created the story while trying to keep the narrative very innocent, cute and relatable for everyone. I hope this message reaches far and wide and the change actually ends up happening in Kashmir. Besides, as an artist, I have created a song with honest intentions and I hope it fly.”

 When asked about the response anticipated, she exclaims, “I am anticipating a good response and people to appreciate the art behind the entire concept. I also hop everyone will also groove to it and will love the music because it is a very upbeat track. I hope that it reaches out.”

Lastly, she spills beans on her upcoming projects, “I am working on a folk pop EP that has some of the Punjabi and dongri folk fusion that I perform and play with my band. I am eclectic folk pop artist, who plays music in different languages. Folk is the centre of my sound, hence some of that stuff will be releasing soon. I am also working on a lot of originals in Hindi, which I have written as well as composed. We are hopefully going on a tour after this song. A lot of gigs are going to keep us busy for next few months.”

Speaking about her association with Qyuki, she says, “I have always enjoyed working with Qyuki. They are a great bunch of energetic people and I really appreciate that they understand my music and its vibe. We have always had a great partnership that started with Hucus Bucus and successfully stayed on so far and will go on.”