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News |  13 Jul 2019 12:31 |  By RnMTeam

Ghazal music is growing through stage performances: Anup Jalota

MUMBAI: Anup Jalota, who is popularly known as the ‘Bhajan Samrat’ was recently a part of Hungama’s Khazana - a platform for ghazal singers. We at Radioandmusic got a chance to interact with the legend where he opened up about his thoughts on ghazal music, Khazana as property and more.

Commenting on the platform Anup Jalota elaborates, “I congratulate the whole team for doing this perfectly. Experience has been great and we are doing Khazana for a great cause presenting new talents to the world. This is a huge platform for all the ghazal singers out there.”

According to Jalota, ghazal singers need an audience and Khazana is one of the best platforms where they can perform this art.

He also believes that ghazal singers should be aware of the concept of Ghazal, their Urdu accent should be correct and should basically understand the meaning of this form of music.

“Singers should sing in their style and try not copying anybody, we need people with versatility and own style,” added Jalota.

On the current scenario of ghazal in India, Jalota exclaims, “Earlier, there were films like Mughal-E-Azam, Umrao Jaan, etc., where ghazal music was prevalent, but we don’t have films like these anymore. The current situation has changed and ghazal is not growing through Bollywood. While I do feel this music is much in the scene and it’s growing through the stage performances.”

Khazana turned out to be a great success and received participation from singers across age groups from various parts of the nation including cities like Kashipur, Jabalpur, Kozhikode, Tiruchirappalli, Dhanbad, Pusad City and more participated in the talent hunt.