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News |  01 Jun 2019 11:00 |  By RnMTeam

Mohit Gaur's Rajasthan to TEDx Talk journey

MUMBAI: From being a young boy living in a town in the state of Rajasthan and aspiring to sing to be given a platform on TEDx to share his journey, life sprung many surprises for Mohit Gaur, a singer and a heartthrob on YouTube. He began with being a second runner-up on a reality show India’s Raw Star and currently a YouTuber, with a total 233,069 subscribers, Mohit has a cult following.
Mohit was part of TedX a year ago and he recently went on the same platform. He says, “My problem is when I am invited at an event to sing I end up talking more, but when I was invited at Ted Talk I didn’t know what to speak.” His first TedX was titled ‘My Love Story’ and the second one is named ‘Two Stories’ from my life. He shares, “My choice for ‘My Love Story’ was basis my ideology in life. I have believed that everything I do and will be doing is all basis of love. I even got into music because I genuinely love music. However, when I watch my previous TEDx video I feel embarrassed of what I have spoken.”
Mohit is however surprised at the response he received for his first TEDx video. “I am so surprised that the video has over eight lakh views. I guess the audience always likes when you share what’s on your mind.”
He is thinking of naming his next TEDx topic, as he says, “My second topic is about two stories which will be told in the form of two songs-Dai Maa and Sukoon. While Sukoon is about peace, Dai Maa (Mid-Wife) is about a fictitious character of an old lady who gets so involved while sharing childhood stories of Lord Krishna or what we call as Krishna Bal Leela, that she starts wishing and imagining that Krishna is actually in her courtyard making merry. Both are my own creation.”
Mohit is very happy being a YouTuber, “YouTube is an amazing platform to express your art. It doesn’t matter if it has content, depth or matter. All that matters is expressing what you want.