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News |  10 May 2019 18:50 |  By RnMTeam

We find a good balance while being creative: Jivraj Singh

MUMBAI: Indian pop up duo Parekh and Singh aka Jivraj Singh and Nischay ParekhÆs song, Summer Skin is one of the songs, nominated for Vh1 Summer anthem.

ôVh1 has always been the one to support us. We have so much going on that we often lose track of all the opportunities around us. We work on our videos and put a lot into it, hence this Vh1 opportunity is a good bonus for us,ö said Jivraj Singh.

The duo will be dropping their new album Science City, during their Mumbai performance 25 May. Jivraj informs, ôScience City is a place in Kolkata, a æscience centerÆ that everyone visits when in junior school. We have visited a science city during our school time and it has been an important memory for us since childhood. Hence, we have 11 songs in the album on this.ö

Parekh and SinghÆs songs have been inspired by things they believe in. ôThese songs have been based on basic themes, which culminate our imagination, relationships, family, childhood, science, and essentials in life,ö explains Jivraj.

He further reveals their key focus, ôAttention to detail is what we count upon and do not compromise on anything. We also focus on having a good time and not stress about anything. On the other hand, we try to find a good balance and be creative.ö

The duo started their journey with independent music. ôIndependent music is evolving and diversifying with technology. But the reality is also that itÆs a hard field to be in, especially if you are trying to be an æartistÆ.ö

He ends with a message, ôWe are grateful that people care about what we are doing. Hence, we donÆt take our work for granted.ö