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News |  09 May 2019 21:18 |  By Minal Metkari

There is difference between consensual sex and rape: Sherrin Verghese

MUMBAI: “Everything has come to a standstill thanks to somebody, who cannot figure out the difference between consensual sex and rape,” exclaims Sherrin Varghese, supporting friend and ‘A Band of Boys’ mate Karan Oberoi against rape charges, the latter is accused of by a victim, whom he met through a dating app.

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“They both are singles, who met on Tinder. There is consensual sex, which we cannot deny. But, in today’s date, it has become very easy for a woman to cry ‘rape’ in our country and many people have been misusing law to their benefit for long now,” he further comments.

On Karan and women, he further shares, “I have lived with Karan for so many years. He is a romantic, sweet heart, a single guy, who has lived his life quite colourfully. The lady too has a history, which the judicial law of our country doesn’t permit me to talk about. Also, we are not new to female attention, to be frank. We had panties thrown on stage during our concerts.” 

The entire band is greatly affected by Karan’s ordeal, but the team has stood by him in his testing times even though their work has got affected as they have drove their energies to this particular issue.

Sherrin further says, “We have no choice but to come in support of Karan, which we have. This accusation has in fact caused the MenToo’ movement, which is huge and if everything goes right, we would like it to be an exemplary example, make this a case study and tell everybody that men too have feelings. We want this to lead to a petition that will ensure that policing and FIR investigation into a serious accusation like ‘rape’ is looked into properly is done in a refined manner. In many parts of our country, there have been amends to this law.”

“From the little we could talk with Karan, he will crusade ‘MenToo’ movement. We will together make this into an amendment thing just like Javed Akhtar saab succeeded in the fight for royalties after trying for four years,” he continues.

Karan, who was held on 6 May under rape charges, was announced a 14 day judicial custody by a magistrate court. “He is in judicial custody now, which is good news as he can apply for bail now. Our lawyer Dinesh Tiwari did a stellar job of representing Karan. We hope he gets acquitted and everybody gets peace out of it including the lady who has conned him in the first place,” Varghese shares.

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On being asked, if Oberoi would file a case against the lady, if proved innocent, Sherrin explains, “Firstly, we would like to squash the FIR because of which, Karan cannot work. And if this tarnishing has caused him immense stress, frustration and professional damage, then he should, though it is early to say, but I won’t be surprised if it goes this way. It would be his decision.”

“We have seen his suffering in the past four days and he is going to take some time to recover out of this after his release from jail. He is a strong boy, who will jump right back,” further says Sherrin strongly about Karan.

When it comes to the country’s judicial system and the treatment given to Karan Oberoi, Sherrin shares, “The police and the judicial system of the country have done an exemplary job of doing things the right way. He has not been tortured at all, but has been treated well."

Lastly, standing strong to their musical roots, Sherrin concludes not before revealing that this case has actually brought A Band of Boys closer. “Sun Lo Zara is an apt song for this particular junction of our life.”

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