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News |  29 Apr 2019 20:50 |  By RnMTeam

'Main Kavita Hoon' aims to dedicate one concert to a poet: Kavita Seth

MUMBAI: Bollywood singer, who recently released the first song, Maine Muddat Se from her ambitious album, Main Kavita Hoon, aims to celebrate poetic works of renowned poets like Wasim Barelvi, Bashir Badr, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Dipti Misra, Buleh Shah, Rumi, Kabir and Jagdish Prakash etc.

Speaking about what led to this concept, Kavita reveals, “This actually started with my web series, Main Kavita Hoon, where I use to speak a little bit about one poet and also about their poetry, which I use to sing. But during an event, we can only sing one or two songs of a poet. This made me think that a little glimpse won’t make anyone understand the personality of a person. Hence, we would only be able to do justice with the poet if we had one complete concert dedicated to him/her.”

“I, therefore, started Main Kavita Hoon last December. My effort is to have one entire live event dedicated to a poet, one at a time, where we will try to encapsulate compositions, ghazals, geet and creations of a poet in a two-three hour concert. And, if he/she is present during the event, they can also recite their work on stage. Hence, I launched this concept in December,” she adds.

Maine Muddat Se is the first song from the album, which released recently.

Speaking about the song, Kavita says, “Whenever any lyrics touch my heart, they automatically get composed by me. Maine Muddat Se Koi Khwaab Nai Dekha is a poetry, which is fabulously written by Dr. Wasim Barelvi.

Also, for the tune, I have neither played harmonium nor keyboard. I just went on reading and the tune was automatically formed. I was smitten by the last line that says - Maine Muddat Se Koi Khwaab Nai Dekha Hai Haat Rakh De Meri Aankhon Pe Ki Neend Aajaye.”

Barelvi was present during the first concert of Main Kavita Hoon.

 “At the event, he said, ‘People sing my ghazals, but nobody has ever done a full-fledged show on me.’ And, when a big poet like him said this, I got more strength to follow my dream of taking Main Kavita Hoon forward. My aim is to act as a bridge between the poet and the audience, by composing the poems written by them. This is because people connect faster with a song and music helps you understand poetry well,” she shares.

Kavita further shares that poetry is her weakness, “I am also fond of poetry and Sher-O-Shayari. Hence, my hobby is also getting fulfilled and I am also able to speak. I am, both, happy as well as ambitious.

On being asked if she will be presenting poetry as it is or there will a fusion with different genre, Seth clarifies, “There will be no fusion, no confusion, but our main focus is only poetry contrary to the ongoing scene in Bollywood, where there isn’t any standard of poetry left.  I will keep limited music as my main aim is to convey my thought/message. Music will just do the job of enhancing the poetry.”

“I want to take this series of mine PAN India and globally as far as possible. I have started sharing videos on YouTube. My plan is to have one event every alternate month in different cities,” she reveals her further plans of Main Kavita Hoon. She also explains about the gap, “There were a lot of things lined-up, hence the break in between, but I will start working on it seriously from May-June onwards.”

On being asked if she has collaborated with any media/ event management company for Main Kavita Hoon, she reveals, “Currently, I haven’t yet, though have talked to some as people have liked the project. I hope good people will join the team and will help me in fulfilling my aim to make this event big. But, yes, without any help, my dream won’t get fulfilled. So, yes, I am very open to it.”

But, her first concert in the series was self-funded. “I did it from my pocket. But, I did it in a very systematic way as I had shot it with a pre-camera shoot. I had done multi-track recording of the audio so that I could use it further. We have also released the complete audio on Believe Music. Every week, we are releasing one video each of all the seven-eight songs from the album,” she shares.

Lastly, spilling beans on her upcoming projects apart from this, Kavita Seth signs off, “I have completed working on Amrita Pritam and waiting for its release. I like Amrita Pritam’s personality a lot because she continued writing whatever she likes in spite of people not liking it. I liked the love triangle between her, Sahir and Imroz, where Inroz knew about Amrita’s love for Sahir and still respected her. This is actually love, different from the current give and take relationships that you see today.  One cannot convey in words, but only feel it. I took a lot of time to compose the songs. I might release them till May-June. Besides, there are a lot of independent projects, I am working on.”

We hope Kavita’s unique way to celebrate poets and poetry gets acknowledgment it deserves.