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News |  11 Apr 2019 15:18 |  By RnMTeam

Anushka Manchanda to march for animal justice!

MUMBAI: Amid the many artistes, who have advocated social causes, popular singer Anushka Manchanda, an animal lover, has been vocal about her love for animals time and again. This time, she is participating in a march titled Animal Liberation March India 2019 that is happening in Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

Speaking about her stance on animal welfare, Anushka shares her surprise about the lack of awareness people have about animal cruelty, “It is crazy what we have been taught that it’s okay to torture, murder and rape other sentient beings for our pleasure. In a world where we have cruelty free options for everything, how can we still continue to make choices that cause so much pain to another being?”

She also gives a message to her fans about injustice done to animals and how can they participate, “Do you really want to be responsible for a new born baby being separated from its mother, only to be bashed in the head and killed because it serves no purpose and because its mother’s milk is in demand for its taste? These are harsh words, but its the truth.

She further questions, “Everything is made up of energy, you and I included. When you consume products that are made from animals suffering and in pain, you are also consuming that pain into your body. Just like a car runs on fuel, food is the fuel for your body. And to have fuel that is mixed with this terrible energy, how can your body remain clean and function in harmony with nature?”

The singer also urges her fans to make a sensible choice, “What you can do is make a choice. Start by dropping meat and dairy from your diet. Eat plant based food, use makeup that is cruelty free (not tested on animals) and vegan and stop buying leather, silk, wool or fur. Also, you should look for alternate options for products made from animals, there are tons! Be compassionate and you will find your heart and your mind clearer and cleaner than ever before.”

The artiste also expressed her feelings through her art, “I had released a photo-story called Mute last year, which you can see on That story is based around wildlife welfare and is just one of the many to come.”

Anushka Manchanda was a part of the pop group Viva and has sung many chart-busters like the title track of the Bollywood movie, Dum Maro Dum starring Deepika Padukone.