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News |  12 Feb 2019 10:30 |  By RnMTeam

It is because people want to become a singer, I wanted to be a composer: Amaal Mallik

MUMBAI: Music composer Amaal Mallik is known for his bold and honest opinions. The youngster, who chose music composition over singing, has a strong reason behind this bold decision.

Speaking about how he became a composer, Amaal Mallik said, ôI have music in my blood. Composition happened at 17. Dad discovered that I am a good composer, so I started working as life came to become a music composer.ö

ôMany kids come to me and tell me that æSir please make us a singer,Æ and when I ask æwhy?Æ they say æwhere do you guys get everything , what singers get?Æ I also ask many times to people I came across, ædo you know the composer of this song,Æ because if you do not know then it is a shame as they deserve the most respect,ö he further added.

Lastly, pressing on the reason to change everyoneÆs outlook about music composers and bringing to light the need to acknowledge their work, Mallik exclaimed, ôIt is because people want to become a singer, I wanted to be a composer and show them. I agree that when a picture is a hit, actor becomes star, similarly as a singer becomes one when his song is a blockbuster. We never give credits to music composers, lyricists. But on our episodes, you will see rolling credits of lyrics writer and composer of every song.ö

It is true that at a very short age, Amaal Mallik has garnered a lot of fame and recognition for his work as a music composer.

Emphasizing on this, he concluded, ôToday, at the age of 27, I donÆt think anyone has manage to garner so much love, so much respect, be on this podium with such amazing judges. So, if a singer can do it, why canÆt a music composer?ö

Well, we hope everyone is listening to AmaalÆs staunch reply on the importance of music composers.

Meanwhile, Amaal Mallik is currently one of the judges of the music reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa LiÆl Champs 2019 along with Richa Sharma and Shaan.