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News |  12 Jan 2019 17:53 |  By RnMTeam

Suneeta Rao makes musical comeback for an important cause!

MUMBAI: In the ’90s, when the pop culture in India was emerging, Suneeta Rao was one of the foremost names in the industry. She gave us songs like Pari Hoon Main and has sung in films like Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge.

Though she has been actively involved in social work and is currently in news with her new play Gaa Re Maa, her new music offering is much anticipated. It won’t be long before the fans will hear her sing as Suneeta Rao is coming up with a new single, Vaada Karo. This single is for a social cause and aims to create awareness about climatic changes in the world. Also written by her, Vaada Karo is almost ready, says the singer. “Vaada Karo is ready for release. We have done the basic recording. Just finishing touches are remaining,” Suneeta Rao reveals.

What makes this song special for is that it is composed by Dhruv Ghanekar, who is a very talented music composer, according to her. Speaking about him, he says, “The composer of the song is Dhruv Ghanekar, who is a very talented composer. Incidentally, he is the composer for my new play Gaa Re Maa.”

Another important aspect of this song is that it is done through crowd-funding, “Yes, we are doing it through crowd-funding. I am planning for a very big, large scale video. Therefore, everybody’s support will make a large difference to it.”

She also plans to collaborate with local bands, specifically with Dharavi Boys.

She signs off, “I think the theme is very important at this point of time in this world. That's the reason I have chosen to write and sing this song. Hope you all get to hear it very soon.”