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News |  14 Dec 2018 19:40 |  By RnMTeam

'Fire' song is for every heartbroken lover:Star Boy LOC

MUMBAI: Famous for his hit numbers like Bob Marley, Pegg Pe Pegg, The Town Boys and Chandigarh, Star Boy LOC has now released his new single, Fire. But donÆt go by the name as the story of the song is different from what one would anticipate from the title of the song.

Speaking about the song, LOC said, ôFire song is for every heartbroken lover, though you wonÆt know from the title Fire that it is a breakup song. ItÆs showcases the frustration of a guy on why is girlfriend betrayed him.ö

Watch video here

ôSo, there was a breakup season going sometime back and I was getting a lot of requests to make a breakup song. My friends had undergone one. Therefore the song is a real story as it has been inspired a little bit from each of their stories,ö he further added.

When asked about his experience of working on this first-of-its-kind number by him, the singer exclaimed, ôMy experience was really nice. I usually make peppy, naughty numbers, but for the first time I have made this kind of a song.ö

While LOC has penned the lyrics of the song, rapped as well as crooned it, the music has been composed by G Skillz. The video is out on the official YouTube channel of Zee Music Company.

 ôIf I talk about the music of the song then for the same I sat with G Skillz for around 2 days to give it a different touch in Arabic style. Since this was my first international video I donÆt wanted to compromise with any single string of my song,ö he told.

He further exclaimed, ôI am really excited for Fire as itÆs very close to my heart. Hoping to get more love than what it has been showered to Bob Marley.ö

On his association with Zee Music Company, the musician said, ôZee Music is like family. They had earlier told me that if there are any good tracks, do share with us. So, even if I make an audio, I share it with them.

Lastly, spilling beans on his upcoming projects, LOC concluded, ôAfter Fire, we are planning for more songs, out of which two songs LPK (Love Passion Karma) and Goldie Golden are also with Zee namely.ö

Meanwhile, it is LOCÆs first international video shot in Dubai. Directed by director The James Only, the video has garnered decent views on YouTube since it dropped online today. The song had a grand launch in Pattaya, Thailand today.