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News |  20 Nov 2018 20:11 |  By RnMTeam

I was five years old when I was invited by Maati Baani to attend TEDxGateway: Tabla player Shayaan Udeshi

MUMBAI: Shayaan Udeshi, a seven-year-old, young upcoming tabla artist got an exposure to music since he was three years old. He got hooked to Tabla and Indian classical music with his father. Looking at his interest and happiness in music, his parents enrolled him at Saptak School Of Music, which holds a reputation of being the world’s renowned Hindustani Classical Music. Recently Shayaan Udeshi will be one of the speakers at the TEDxGateway held in Mumbai on 2 December 2018. On the same, we speak to Shayaan Udeshi, who gave us a brief on more about his musical journey and a lot more.

Could you throw light on your journey with music?

I am lucky to be born in a family with musical interests. Hence the idea of music was not a new idea. My dad started teaching me table, when I was 3 and now I learn from gurus like Hetal Mehta, Vinod Vaishnav and Sapan Anjaria. I guess music and rhythm came to me naturally and was inclined to it from the beginning. Maati Baani’s tribute song to MJ Heal The World, which I did earlier, was a super success and was viewed more than 60million times on Facebook, YouTube etc. Besides, I love tabla and want to be the best in this art. I work hard and riyaz for two hours a day. I also follow some great musician to remind me of where I want to reach.

Can you tell about your association with TEDxGateway?

I was five years old when I was invited by Maati Baani to attend TEDxGateway in 2015. Being the youngest of all in the audience, TEDxGateway invited me on the stage and that was my first stint with TEDxGateway. Then I had shared on the stage with the audience that ‘when I grow up I want to become a musician’. Since then I am that one of many, who has been inspired by the TEDxGateway experience. Now, I am on my journey to become a musician and through my music, I want to convey a message of peace n unity across the world. I further want to convey that there is no age to learn a new art or a skill. 

How has your experience of collaborating with them been? Can you elaborate on your prep?

Musicians like Maati Baani are very creative and you get to learn a lot from them. I did a song Heal The World which was made to honour MJ and did wonders on the net. It crossed 60 million views, which was a big boost to me as an artist. The idea was shared with us and so was the beats on which we had to play. We had to make our creative bols on it and Kartik would make us do more rigour n improvise. The news of collaborating with Maati Baani again on the most important platform of TEDxGateway was like a dream come true. Hence the coordination like always from Kartik and Nirali is going great. We have started with playing a few rhythms with compulsory riyaz of two hours minimum. The theme for TEDxGateway is a crucial aspect as we have limited time to work on and we still want to play everything.

What are the key points you would be talking about at TEDxGateway?

Being a part of the dream ensemble of Maati Baani at TEDxGateway I will be performing there. Also, if given a chance, I will speak on about my journey and my plan to spread a message of unity and peace through my music.

What are your upcoming plans and projects?

There is a lot in store and lots of riyazz. The plan is to keep playing till Zakhir Hussian sahib comes and acknowledges my work. Fingers crossed.