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News |  07 Nov 2018 12:00 |  By RnMTeam

Musicians share Diwali wishes via Apple Memojis

MUMBAI: With the festive aura of Diwali spreading lights in the life of people, the entire country is struck by the festival’s fever. And our Indian singers are no way behind when it comes to celebrations and wishing fans. Some of the prominent musicians have shared their Diwali wishes via Apple’s Memoji recently to reach fans to greet them on Diwali. Check out Ankur Tewari, Nikhita Gandhi, Salim-Sulaiman, Kavya Trehan, Anushka Manchanda, Ram Sampat, Sona Mohapatra 

Besides, iPhone X’s this unique feature allows everyone to create their own Memoji just like our dear musicians. The iPhone X’s depth-sensing, front-facing camera captures your facial movements and uses them to animate one of the popular emoji on iOS. With iOS 12, Memoji join the Animoji lineup for TrueDepth camera-equipped iPhones like the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and iPhone XR.

Note down the steps below to create your Memoji

-Open iMessage app on your iPhone.

-Tap on an existing message or compose a new one.

-Select the Animoji icon (denoted by a monkey) in the app tray beneath the text composition box.

-Expand the Animoji selection by swiping up. Tap the plus sign to create a Memoji.

-Start building your avatar by choosing a skin color. A slider tool lets you adjust the warmth or coolness of your skin tone. You can even choose a wild color, such as pink or purple, to represent you. The skin tone feature also gives you four freckle patterns to choose from.

-Then choose a hair color and style. The color options cover all the natural shades, or you can choose an out-of-the-box hue. The hair styles range from straight and curly hair to twists, braids and even bald heads. 

-Swipe over to head shape to choose how pointy or round your chin is and how aged you want your avatar to look

-Next up is eyes. Choose a colour and adjust the shade with the slider tool. Pick an eye shape and how dramatic you want your Memoji’s eyelashes to look.

-Pick a brow shape.

-Toggle over to pick the shape of your nose and lips.

-The Ears section lets you pick ear size and add colourful earrings.

-If you have sideburns and facial hair, add them.

-Design a pair of glasses in the Eyewear section.

-The last option is choosing Headwear

-Tap Done

Now the Memoji has been added to your Animoji roster. It will live alongside popular options such as the unicorn, monkey or dragon. You can create as many Memoji as you’d like.

Well, create your Memoji’s and wish friends and family a very Happy Diwali.