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News |  31 Oct 2018 13:16 |  By RnMTeam

For the very first time, I got to be myself and do wacky fun things, I like: Jonita Gandhi

MUMBAI: Jonita Gandhi, who is one of the current Indie music sensations, also known for her Bollywood projects like The Breakup Song, Tere Bina etc has announced her new single, Tajub Hai.

Tajub Hai is all about a girl, who is speaking her heart out. Most of the times you to think of something, but your heart will make you do other things and make you feel another way, which is a very relatable thing. This happens in relationships, in regular day-to-day routine and while making decisions,” said Jonita when asked about the single.

Tajub Hai is in collaboration with One Plus Playback a property of JetSynthesysMusic Boutique. On this association, Jonita added, “I am really happy about this collaboration because I also like doing things that are more non-film related and I think it’s great that One Plus has reached out to JetSynthesysMusic Boutique. It does help musicians and artists to explore the music space. It also enables us to get creative and put out the kind of music, we want to put out, which is very empowering.”

Further Jonita reveals that she had a fun time making this video and said Tajub Hai is a fun, peppy song. “ It was quite easy to just be myself and I don’t get to do that very often in my videos. Now, I do a lot of cover videos and singles, most of the times you have to be in a character when you are in a video, but for the very first time, I got to be myself and do the wacky fun things I like. The audience would get to see that once the video comes out.”

Earlier, we have seen Jonita working in non-film music and is a big supporter of this music. She elaborates on this space, “Independent music is on the rise and I am happy that people are supporting me. A lot of collaborations are happening between Independent artists. Even many Bollywood singers and musicians are now entering into the Independent music space as well and vice versa.”

Lastly, in terms of her upcoming plans, she said that she is working on her new Bollywood projects along with her Independent work simultaneously. “Tajub Hai is my focus right now and I am really excited about this video. I really love this song and I hope everybody else does too. But I am also excited to see how my fans react to it,” signed off an excited Jonita.