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News |  25 Oct 2018 18:14 |  By RnMTeam

Priti Menon speaks about new track 'Yaadan Teriyan'

MUMBAI: A new track Yaadan Teriyan has hit the mark with its release. A poignant song set to beats is sung by Priti Menon. A fresh take on songs about heartbreak, Yaadan Teriyan is shot beautifully too and features model Nana Nanmoush.

Speaking about the song, singer Priti shares, “Yaadan Teriyan translates to 'your memories'. As I live far away from my loved ones, this is a dedication to them and also to all those, who are in long distance relationships. My family lives in India and this is my way of telling them how much I miss them and how I spend days yearning to be with them.”

She also explains why she chose a sad song instead of a peppy track, “The audience usually connects to the lyrics of a song and people tend to relate to sad songs more than happy songs in my opinion!”

Apart from this track, Priti has kept herself busy with live shows, “I just returned from a three month gig in Morocco where I was singing in a Bollywood musical. I have been busy recording songs as well. I worked with a very well known DJ while I was in Morocco. I also recorded a few covers, originals and collaborated with artists from different parts of the world.”

Priti also shares the love and appreciation received by her from the audience, “The response has been very good. I appreciate every feedback, good or bad, as it helps me come up with a better production every time. I was recently nominated under the 'Best Urban Artist' category at the UK Bhangra Awards and I'm super excited to see what's in store for me musically in the coming few months.”

The singer idolises the maestro in Bollywood, whom she looks up to and dreams to work with, “My idol has been A R Rahman sir for time immemorial. I will forever work towards my dream of singing with/for him.”

Sharing her future plans, Priti says, “I have several songs lined up for release in the near future. I have solos as well as collaborations that I've worked on. In particular, I'm super excited to release a Punjabi track that I recorded with a very talented artist while I was in Morocco.”