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News |  13 Sep 2018 18:00 |  By RnMTeam

Ten songs that should be banned at Ganpati Pandals

MUMBAI: The reason Ganpati Festival was made public was to bring people together for harmony and create a cultural platform. In the yore, the festival would have live music presented by classical or light musicians. Later, it was replaced by orchestras performing Hindi Film Music. Past one decade though, the quality of music played at these Pandals has sunk a new low. The playlist is mostly of item songs or cringe pop songs or horrible EDM inspired tracks. If it is about popularity, we have good tracks from Hindi Films which are popular and suitable for the occasion both. Following are the few tracks that are often heard at Ganpati pandals and should be banned with immediate effect:

Baghtoy Rickshawala:

This is cringe pop in Marathi and should be banned to be played publicly altogether-at Ganpati or no. The lyrics, the song everything is unsuitable for Ganesh Festival. We certainly can do better.

Laila main Laila:

The original Laila main Laila from Qurbani has been remade so many times and arenÆt we done yet? Playing these versions in front of god is even worse.

Pink Lips:

All one can think is Sunny Leone gyrating to Pink Lips. Certainly, not a visual to remember when we go to pray.

vSheila ki Jawani:

A complete misfit for Ganpati playlist, this song is good to be played at parties not at festivals!

Chikni Chameli:

While the song and dance in this song is remarkable, for Ganpati Festival we have better songs to be played.

Baby Doll:

When will Ganpati pandal management committees understand the difference between a beer bar and public place open for children and families. We reqest to stop playing this song at Ganpati Pandals.

Fevicol Se:

Even for a minute, if the management remembers the situations these songs are pictured on, that would be of great help.

Munni Badnam hui:

Any festival is about happiness, positivity and wishing well for others. We can definitely do without anything is about being infamous.

Anarkali Disco Chali:

Anarkali can go anywhere she wants to. Why declare it at a Ganpati Pandal?

Selfie maine le li aaj:

Last year few pandals played this.