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News |  04 Aug 2018 13:00 |  By RnMTeam

It's amazing to be friends at work: Sachin-Jigar

MUMBAI: The greatest gift of life is friendship and composers Sachin-Jigar are blessed to have received it. It’s been 12 years since the duo are together and they have always had their back. In every up and down of their life, the two have been there, for each other, as pillars. They, therefore, like to term their relation as a family rather friends.

On their amazing bond, Sachin shares, “It is amazing to have such a kind of rapo because it helps us to share the workload, deliver better and divide the pressure equally. We can also fill in for each other when needed. It’s, thus, amazing to be friends at work.”

The two also shared a common turning point, where they played a major role in each other’s life. “My marriage was where Sachin played a major role. He told me, I should get married to Priya. He, therefore, found her, as the perfect match, for me,” says Jigar Sanghvi.

“I remember my father was in ICU and he had a minor heart–attack. At that time, the way Jigar handled work situation and emotionally, was very helpful and supporting,” says Sachin.

Further lighting the conversation, the duo shares, who is the crankiest and who is the laziest amongst the two. “I am the lazy one; all I want is sleep eat and sleep. Jigar is very cranky when it comes to work because he is a workaholic and is very particular about work. Friends are for various things, but when they help in our tough times, there is nothing better than that,” says Sachin.

Last but not the least, here is a special message, the duo give each other. Jigar says, “Let’s make better music”, while Sachin takes this as an opportunity to say something, he has never told Jigar, “Let’s never stop making music.”

We hope, Sachin-Jigar’s friendship is an inspiration to the music industry.