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News |  27 Jun 2018 18:17 |  By RnMTeam

Lucky Ali's comeback ignites different sound: Varun Ahuja

MUMBAI: Known for creating good music, Varun Ahuja’s brand new single, Alvida, marks the comeback of 90’s music sensation Lucky Ali.

 “Whenever there is a collaboration happening, it should be progressive and innovative. You have to feel connected to the artist you are working with. The moment that connection ignites, things get spontaneous and very creative, that’s how this song progressed too. Also, that's exactly how I felt collaborating with Lucky Ali for the song,” shared Varun Ahuja.

He further added, “When I met Lucky and I offered this song to him, as he heard the song he wanted to sing it. There was a connection that happened instantly the experience working at collaborating with him was firstly very creative, it was an energizing experience at the same time because his voice fits amazingly with my music.”

 “It’s a rock song and it’s very different from the usual sound you will hear. It’s a very raw and organic sound,” he further added.

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He elaborated on how he had visualized going about with the song, “I began writing and composing this song in 2015 then it took us few months to collectively get into the studio and record the song. While lyrics have been penned by Faisal Simon. We wanted Lucky Ali’s voice, my guitar playing, music and my kind of sound to blend together as a creative force with natural elements. But, from recording the guitars to the base, everything has been done keeping in mind to not overdo something.”

Varun Ahuja shares his thoughts about the O Sanam fame, “Lucky Ali has given a lot of music to our industry in the past. What I realized about Lucky Ali is that he does not do everything and anything that is offered to him.”

“When I picked up the guitar and played in my studio and Lucky sang, his voice blended magically. Lucky Ali’s comeback through this song ignites a different kind of a sound from what we hear today,” added Varun Ahuja.

Further, he shared his recording experience, “When I used to sing and Lucky Ali used to be in the recording room, he used to put so much effort. There was so much Lucky Ali coming put at that time. It was beautiful and fascinating how this person takes his own time to sing a song, but when he does it, he does it like that’s the ‘goal of his life’. The song becomes the aim of his life at that moment. It is really nice with people, who sing your song as if it’s their song and he sang with a lot of love and I do have a lot of respect for him. We evolved the song over a period of two years. It was a constant process and we experimented with the sound and jammed a lot in the studios.”

On his future collaborations with Lucky Ali, Varun told, “We have been in talks. I am writing more music and creating more sound.”

The 28-year-old musician is known for having performed at over 2000 concerts apart from his independent compositions.