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News |  19 Jun 2018 16:39 |  By RnMTeam

Female Rappers to be a part of Mumbai's Finest at Artist Aloud's 'World Music Day Festival'

MUMBAI: On the occasion of World Music to be celebrated on 21 June, Artist Aloud, a platform by Hungama that supports and promotes independent music, is back with the third season of its much-awaited musical gala, æWorld Music Day FestivalÆ in association with Hard Rock CafÚ.

The fest showcases music and artistes of different genres and streams. One of genre to be presented is Hip-Hop style. While hip hop is integrated in Bollywood or pop music, pure form of Hip Hop is rarely seen in India. MumbaiÆs Finest is group that is known for the best hip hop talent in town and possibly India.

The leader of pack, Ace is ecstatic about the fest, as he says, ôIt is amazing that an entire night is dedicated to home-grown music. Such initiatives bring the best of the talent.ö

ôThis time we have two female rappers, which is rarely seen in India. And I think its great for the feminist movementö adds Ace gleefully.

The Hip Hop movement is slowly but steadily taking momentum in India. Considering a full-fledged motion picture Gully Boy being made about it. ôI too am a part of Gully Boy. Trending of Hip Hop is a dream come true.ö

The two female rappers, Dee MC & MC Manmeet Kaur would be a part of MumbaiÆs Finest, ôDMC is originally from Mumbai itself, while MC is originally from Chandigarh and now settled in Goa. Both of them were also a part of a recently held International WomenÆs Federation. Eventually, what works about any music is how well it connects with larger audience and thatÆs there with two of them. Both of them are true to the roots, which is the first thing we noticed and liked.ö

Ace shares his medium to propagate Hip Hop, ôWe need to build a community and host events, workshops to create awareness about this genre.ö