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News |  12 Jun 2018 14:14 |  By RnMTeam

We are still a part of the permanent memory of fans: A Band Of Boys

MUMBAI: India’s first boy band that made us groove to their melodious songs since they came into the picture in 2002, were reactivated on the music scenario with their newest single, Yuhi Jalne Ko. Compromising of Karan Oberoi, Sherrin Varghese, Chin2 Bhosle and the new band member, Danny, the boys have stayed loyal to their signature style as they sing, dance as well as romance in the video that has a touch of contemporary.

In an exclusive chat with Radioandmusic, A Band Of Boys talk about their comeback, which according to them is their reactivation, their song and much more.

On their new song, Karan Oberoi said, “Yuhi Jalne Ko is a nice melodic song like what we are known for. We have given it a more contemporary sound, belonging to the carnival sound family like that of Despacito, which is popular among youngsters. We have shot a video, which is very peak video because if you look at it many people are doing please to camera videos, which is more organic. If you go back and see, then we are remembered for our videos. We owe this comeback to our fans. Singing, dancing, acting, romancing and looking cool, that’s what, A Band Of Boys is known for.”

The Band of Boys did not release any singles in the past few years but were busy with their individual pursuits. But, the boys believe they had gone nowhere.

On this Karan stated, “We didn’t go anywhere. We have been doing our shows. We never dismantled as a band, but have always stayed together. But, if you look at how the world has changed post the advent of digital eco-system in the past two years, we have a direct interface with fans. Technology has made it simple for us to connect with the fans and we don’t need to have a music company, which selects music and there is a process.”

“Also, a lot of bloggers, for the last five-six years now, have been continuously writing about how Band Of Boys is missed. And what we find overwhelming is that we are still a part of permanent memory of fans. We thought we owe this to them,” the singer-actor further added.

"We have been doing little things but were not directly in the face of the media. So, it’s a kind of reactivation," Chin2 Bhosle, another member of the band said.

Further, Sherrin Varghese stated, "There was a golden ten-year run, of which we and other indie pop artists were a part of.All of us slowed down a bit because the eco-system changed. To adapt some people immediately took a step. We had a legacy of lovely songs. If you see our songs, Gori and Meri Neend are still heard on YouTube. And, everyone is like where is the band, so there is a lot of demand. And we have waited for a long time and the Eagles have flown. Also, now, we are in a comfortable space, where we have also explored our own sonic signatures. We all went into our own solo act and careers. And now, we feel that it’s a right time to give them something ten times bigger, faster and better than what we had done earlier. We have a new management, endorsement. So, there is a sign around us that is showcasing the betterment of the Band Of Boys."

Spotting difference between working for a label and being an independent artist, Karan explained, "Earlier, when we were under the shelter of a music company, they use to nurture and identify artist and then put their muscle behind the artist to make them popular and reach out to the fans. Now, the artist has to bifurcate himself, make the music and reach out to the fans. The good part is in the digital eco-system, 60 per cent of content consumption is music and that is helping a lot of artists organically. This is why we thought the time was right for us to reactivate."

To this, Chin2 Bhosle added, "Musicians never die. You may stop may not be heard. The process is of growth. It continues every year, you are learning and moving ahead and applying your knowledge."

The boys have done a couple of shows recently.

“We have done a couple of shows in the last three-four months. We kicked off from the Ballard Estate and have done a lot of other shows. But, what is gratifying is that the response is still quite overwhelming. People are still listening to our songs and the recognition that it gives apart from the love and affection, this is what an artist lives for.”

A Band of Boys will be releasing a new single every two months, here on. 

Sharing the plan, Go Live Talent & Record partner Varkey Patani said, “We intend on putting original content on a regular basis, on an average of about five to six videos every year. The route that we are taking is a little more serious as far as music is concerned. We would adopt a lot of serious genres of music. R&B as the sole is probably the route we are going to take.  We build on from there and see where it heads. So, it’s going to be experimental.   

To this Sherrin added, "There used to be a larger than life scheduled by the Band of Boys video every two years. But, today, we have to be consistent."

"Each one will define the next. The sound is changing drastically. So we are into experimentation stage,” Chin2 Bhosle concluded.