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News |  12 Jun 2018 18:29 |  By RnMTeam

RJ Teena represents India and MY FM at the first ever Radio Exchange Program

MUMBAI: In a first-ever, an exchange program curated by US Consulate was held for Radio medium. As a representative from India, RJ Teena of MY FM was sent.

“There have been programs for print and electronic, but this was a first for radio and I am extremely proud to have represented India and MY FM at such an international and prestigious forum,” exclaims the RJ.

Teena, a known voice in Tier 2 and 3 cities in Madhya Pradesh, has been a radio jockey for past five years. Teena is indeed the chosen one, as she availed such a glorious opportunity. According to Teena, she had many learnings at the 10-day program which was organized by the US Consulate in Mumbai, which covered three Centres- Washington DC, Nashville and San Francisco. “I was amazed to know that there has been freedom of the press in the USA since the 16th century. Their first amendment happened centuries ago.”

As a part of the tour, the group visited multiple radio stations comprising of their commercial and community stations along with museums and initiated interactions with media personnel and experts. “They have actually preserved and documented material owing to that era for reference or anyone who is visiting and it is called "Newseum". It was fascinating.”

Teena observes, “There are basic similarities between the formats in India and the West. Content is the king in both markets and quality of music is also of prime importance. However, the radio market is more matured in the USA. With every region and city, the format changes. Washington DC is more about content, whereas Nashville focuses more on music as there is a prominent culture of country music there.”

However, she insists that the fundamentals are the same, “Even at MY FM we focus on maximum and relevant content.”

Usually, lot of radio listeners in India complain of overdoes of advertising. Teena reasons out, “It is slightly wrong to compare. Lot of radio channels in USA are government funded ours are more or less commercial ventures. Some of the channels there are 90 years old.”

She also says, “We have to find a perfect balance and blend of music and news. If I have to sum up my experience at the exchange program, which I would love to be absorbed here is, less is more.”

The program was aimed at understanding and studying their radio station's working patterns and creating a networking forum for all and was completed in the duration from 20- 30 May 2018.