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News |  28 May 2018 17:24 |  By RnMTeam

If you don't have a song in a movie it doesn't get recognized: Ayaz Ismail

MUMBAI: USA based singer-composer Ayaz Ismail, has set the digital world on fire with two of his songs crossing a million views on YouTube. The first track is Wirrd sung by Javed Ali and his latest Ishq Zaat Meri that has been crooned by Shaan. However, Ayaz is not stopping at this, the composer has some big plans and he shares the same with Radioandmusic. 

About the process of making a song, Ayaz says, “It’s mostly just been vocal recordings and percussion. All other instruments are dubbed here in Dallas. Actually, it depends on the mood of the song. I love collaborating with musicians across the world. Love the vibe and unity. Most important is “Team”, if you have a good team things go smoothly. I give this credit to Raaj Jagtap at AMV. Also, nothing would have been possible without legends like Javed Ali and Shaan.”

Staying in the USA and making music for India sounds fancy, however, it has its own challenges. Ask Ayaz Ismail and he confirms, “Honestly, it’s hectic but fun at the same time. You get to learn lots of new things. Time zone is the big thing. I have to stay awake till 6 am to coordinate the recordings. Recently, I recorded a track with Shaan. I was on Skype with him recording virtually. Thanks to my brother Raaj Jagtap at AMV studios in Mumbai.”

Like many millennial of his generation, Ayaz too was inspired and awed by the genius of AR Rahman. “AR Rahman Sir is the sole reason. Well, I started singing at the age of 16 and wanted to pursue singing as my career, so I started taking Indian Classical Music here in Dallas. At 16 I started singing religious poems/hymns. As I was learning classical music I was keen to know how music is produced.”

The curiosity didn’t kill the cat in his case; he went on exploring even at the age of 16, due to sheer love for music, “Getting in depth, I came across various software like Audacity, n-Track Studios, and Adobe Auditions. I also did few covers with a USB mic which was like a computer microphone I bought for $20. Those were good times of experimentation.” Ayaza also credits a lot of innovation in tools, “When I became senior in high school, my dad gifted me MacBook Pro. I started using GarageBand, recorded more covers and then finally moved to Logic Pro and that’s how the journey started. I use Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL in my production and post-production stage. Took piano lessons when I was 18 but I use to play with the piano when I was around, but I actually started practicing when I was 16/17 and then dad enrolled me into piano lessons. My main instrument is piano along with ROLI. Now I am keen on learning the guitar. Ultimately, the credit of my small success in music goes to my dad. He has been the backbone.”

On the occasion of His Highness Aga Khan, the Ismaili spiritual leader’s visit to Canada, he presents to the world Ishq Zaat Meri sung by the Bollywood pop icon Shaan. According to Ayaz, "The song is about a broken relationship or a broken dream, this song brings the life to showcase the battle because in today’s world the only afterthought one has is he/she made it, but nobody stops to wonder what it took them to be there. The song is set in an angle portraying stories of love parenthood and letting your emotions high, this song would set your blood flowing." 

He shares his experience of working with Shaan, “Shaan is a humble personality. It was a pleasure to work with. He has great energy at the studios. I would love working with Shaan Bhai again. He is truly the pop icon of Bollywood.”

Every music composer has a different way of operating, in the sense of identifying a voice to the emotions of the song. Ayaz shares his point of view, “I initially decide when I am at the production stage. Once I have the composition, I lay it down and I process which singer would do justice to the song. As I produce, I get this mind map of singers. On that basis, I chose my singers.”

Ayaz has firm views on Indie music in India, “Indie music in India has died down. It’s all Bollywood I must say. If you don’t have a song in a movie it doesn’t get recognized. The indie music here in the USA is still better. I don’t follow much of Indie music in India, but there are some great bands with awesome music. Platforms like Artist Aloud (was part of it in 2014) give the indie artist that platform. Plus, we have social media now. As an independent artist I would say, we have the freedom to express our music. With indie music, the audience has an option to explore a new genre of music and it works. I am a DJ here in Dallas as well, and I do play some indie tracks and people love it. That’s a good sign. But I wish people would give more attention to indie music in India. Ultimately, some Indie artists desire to score for Bollywood films.”

He explains the connection between EDM and spirituality, an out of the box combination he managed. “The openness of the sound of synthesizers gives the vibe of spirituality. It’s interesting because we think of EDM has dance funky music, but it has an essence to it. Think of oscillators, Envelope, synth lead, synth pads, picture that in your mind perceive that sound and actually map it out. Sounds can express emotion. In EDM we have all sorts of a sound library; moreover, we can create our own sound. It’s interconnected to spirituality if you are thinking in that direction.”

Ayaz has some interesting stuff coming up, “I Have dream project coming up. An all English pop album is in the production stage. I am looking at it being a 10 track album. My focus lies within pop music now as I am very fond of pop music. Maybe few more songs with celebrities and might release a single in Hindi very soon.”