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News |  01 May 2018 13:58 |  By RnMTeam

Clinton Cerejo's music to reach India's first original musical play

MUMBAI: Working on film music, releasing independent songs, advertisement jingles, web-series title tracks is common these days. Hence, well-known music producer Clinton Cerejo decided on doing something exciting with his next project.

“It’s been almost one and a half year since I am working on a musical play. This is written by Rahul Da Chuna and Bugs Bhargava with an amazing cast. Known as Sing India Sing, it will be India’s first original musical ground up. This will be a musical play with dialogues as songs, from the start till the end and it comprises of 25-30 songs,” said Clinton.

Well, working on such an out-of-the-box project is thrilling for Clinton as he shares, “I am doing music for the stage for the very first time and I am excited about it. Every aspect in the play is supposed to be expressed in the songs. It’s a challenge how to keep the plot moving in a musical way. Also understanding the character’s mindset and how it is taking the story forward. It has all been a learning experience for me.”

Apart from this, Clinton recently worked on a Bollywood film project called Azaadiyaan from the movie 3 Storey. He is also working on director Amit Sharma’s forthcoming film.

The music producer who recently formed a band with his musical partner Bianca Gomes, ‘Shor Police’, released their first song Anjaana and has received two million plus views on YouTube in just 10 days. An independent song being loved to this extent was something the duo did not expect. “I think the making of this song was a natural process as we have been collaborating for so many years now. For me, collaboration is a sense of commitment and I wanted to do something that is out-of-the-box with music. Bianca and I have been on a similar page when it comes to exploring new music. So, we thought of catching up in the studio and see what we can come up with together and the results have been amazing,” said Clinton.

Watch the song below:

On the name Shor Police, Clinton said, “It is a very quirky name with a pun in the name itself. We are in the Indie music space where good music is not very easy to come by. Also it has got stereotypical, something that the labels just put out because either they have to do it or just because the singer is popular. There are many parameters that they are working with and also not all are music centric. We wanted the musicality and the fun to come out in true senses and this wanted a name like this.”

“Dominique Cerejo, Clinton’s wife thought of the name and she has been naming many of our projects,” added Bianca.

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The two have been working on many other songs too for Shor Police and will be releasing their next in a month or two. The upcoming ones expected to be a clubby and hooky song. The two go ahead with the idea of releasing the song once it is ready. It is not a good practice to prepare the song, store it and then release after a year. They believe the vibe and feel of the song is no more by then.

On remixes and cover songs, Bianca said, “It is like an explosion from past couple of years now. The minute a song comes out there is at least 15 covers out in a week. We personally do not want to exclude this from our project we do want to do mashups, collaborations.”

“On the opinion of covers, I don’t think there should be any negative opinion unless the covers have something positive to share. There are many ways of doing a cover and this is what I respect. I do not have any problem with people doing covers but the idea with which they do. It is only because they feel that it is an ‘in’ thing so they do it, and the only way for music directors to recognise your voice – I think this should not be the idea,” ended the producer on a positive note who has also sung Anandoloke for Kahaani 2.