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News |  27 Mar 2018 15:23 |  By RnMTeam

I am thinking of having a parallel career in singing: Mandy Takhar

MUMBAI: When a most sought-after actress in Punjabi Film Industry makes her debut in singing, it’s bound to make some splash. To top it, if it features someone like Dr Zeus, that makes it a cherry on the cake. Mandy Takhar, super hit actress of Punjabi Film Industry, has now ventured in singing and made her debut with the song Laado Rani. Within in no time, the song has become a rage and hit seven million views.

An excited Mandy says, “The kind of response I am getting is exhilarating. In fact, one of the journalists, who writes for a leading daily in Punjab and is known for her honest reviews, called me a couple of days ago. I was a little nervous receiving her call as she speaks her mind, but she just couldn’t stop raving about the song. I was very happy.”

Even the general crowd has accepted the song with open arms, “With my acting career, my fan following ratio was 80:20, with 80 percent being men. But this song has changed that, and I have received a lot of female attention. The basic reason is that my song changes the perception. Unfortunately, in many parts of our country, there is still a lot of gender bias. A guy can get sloshed and have fun and no one says anything, but if a girl does that, she is considered to be of bad character. In the video, the girl portrayed by me is having fun at a party, and the song conveys a message that a girl can have fun and still be a Laado Rani, which in Punjabi means addressing a sweet little-pampered girl. So, girls like it and my social media are flooded with messages like “Finally we have a song for ourselves”. It’s a great feeling.”

The best part is that Mandy has never learnt music, “I guess that’s the best part. I agreed immediately to do it when I was approached for it. But not knowing how to sing was a blessing, as this song required some rawness. It was funny though because the composer would sometime say, “Higher octave, lower octave,” and I would go and Google what does an octave mean. I have no idea of technicalities.”

Now, however, she has started to learn Indian classical music.

The song has Dr Zeus in it, who was the first one to approach Mandy, “He is amazing. He came to me and proposed this project. He is a family friend and knowing I would do my first song with Dr Zeus I was confident that it would be good. Also, I share a comfort level with him. So many times, he would be like “Nahi bass this is fine” or “bass ho gaya”. So, I knew I am getting honest reviews.”

Talking more about the song Mandy says, “I wanted to do a different song, which was more romantic or has some story. I am known for my performances in acting career. But then, I thought I am getting stuck in my image. Therefore, we decided to break the image and do something that I haven’t done before.” The song is available on streaming apps from Wynk, Saavn, Amazon, Gaana and many more.

Check the song here –

Mandy is also very happy with her collaboration with BeingU company, “The best part is all of us are newcomers, so we are working with double passion and drive. It is like a family here.”

Mandy has enthralled the audience with her performances in Punjabi and Tamil movies and now is set with her singing career, which she wants to pursue, “It is very different from movies, especially making a single. With your first single, you know whether you have arrived or not. There is so much time, money and efforts invested in one song and the singer.”

On her future plan, the UK born actor-singer says, “I am thinking of having a parallel career in singing. I started my acting career seven years ago and acting will be my first love. But this is like starting my career all over again.”