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News |  26 Mar 2018 17:34 |  By RnMTeam

It's important for an artist to develop his own style: Radhika Mukherji

MUMBAI: The state of independent artists in India is not as sad as it was a few years ago. Today, they get opportunities to play at venues and festivals. YouTube has also turned out to be a huge boon for these artists, but there is one platform that has been supporting independent musicians for nine years, its Hungama’s Artist Aloud. The platform has stood by independent musicians and also made it a point to appreciate their talent with Artist Aloud Music Awards (AAMA) for five years now. This year Artist Aloud will hold AAMAs sixth season that recently had its jury meet. One amongst them was Happydemic co-founder and CEO Radhika Mukherji.

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“Artist Aloud is a platform that encourages independent music and that's why when they asked me to be here, I readily agreed. I also had a great time judging and giving my opinions to the kind of Independent music that is out there. It gives you a fresh and a different perspective of what is currently going on,” says Mukherji. 

The entrepreneur further went on to explain that independent artists have a huge capacity to trend set music. Indians just need to adapt and consume this content because it’s fantastic. "We request all the listeners and readers to go up there and search for independent artists, their music and encourage them."

On Happydemic, a company which she and Shaan started to promote young talent and music, she elaborates, “We are a live music strategy company in which we use live music to create impact, be it for internal or external stakeholders. The great strategy to the music business is not taken very seriously in India. But we are trying to change this culture and trying to give music literacy to different organisations and corporations to understand how music can definitely help increase their sales and retain team members. So, we are using music as a part of HR and marketing strategies.”

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Mukherji has been promoting a lot of artists and pushing them to do independent music. As she feels that it’s important for an artist to develop their own style. "People in our country are Bollywood obsessed. I have been interacting with artists and their end goal is to do playback. They do not think of developing their own style and breaking free from this playback scenario,” ended she.