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News |  16 Mar 2018 12:49 |  By RnMTeam

In our country we don't treat originals as Film song: Ravi Singhal

MUMBAI: To compose an original for a nineteen-year-old, which goes on to became top most trending song on YouTube for more than 72 hours, needs a very talented artiste. So, we caught up with such an amazing artiste, Ravi Singhal, who composed Tu Na Aya, the YouTube trending song. What makes it special is that the song had no film connection and was sung by still a teenager, Shyamoli Sanghi.

Ravi shares, “Shyamoli amazed me with her maturity. As she is trained in Indian Classical Music, she was technically super strong when we met but given her age there was something amiss in her singing. So, I gave her lot of books, recommended her lot of stories to read and when she came back she amazed me with her maturity. She studying Philosophy at Standford added to the journey too.”

Ravi reminisces his meeting with this young singer, “When I first met her, she made a valid point that each decade has it sound and music, like 70s had a specific music, so did 80s and 90s, but 2000s mostly have remixes. And then she expressed her wish to do some original music. For 19 year old, she amazed me, with her clarity of thought.”

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Currently, along with Zee Music they have released one song, however there are two more songs from this EP. “The only thing I can share is that both the songs are totally different from each other and very theme based. We are excited about both the songs, but can’t reveal much as they are still under production,” shares Ravi.

Ravi, himself started as a music director with a documentary series Living With KKR on Discovery Channel for Shah Rukh Khan. "Currently I am working on two movies, one is releasing in September 2018, in which I have composed one song and the second one in January 2019, in which I have composed all three songs. Apart from this, I have composed many award winning jingles for BIG FM,” continues Ravi.

Finally he says, “In our country we don’t generally create Independent Original songs on a scale of a Film song, which I think we must invest our efforts in. The standard of all original singles should someday be at par with film music. Hope that changes and brings more power and choices to both  musicians and listeners."